Viewpoint from Yvonne Hill


Yvonne Hill

Member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church


The Life Changing Power of the Holy Spirit


viewpoints cross logo jpegThe last thing on earth I was thinking about was becoming a Christian and then there it came like a bolt of lightening into my life turning everything upside down!  I was brought up as a Seventh-day Adventist and was a pupil at the church school at Stanborough Park in Watford .  I left as a rebellious youth wanting to explore the outside world and have some fun.  During my life there were a couple of occasions when, whilst in hospital, I met Christian nurses who tried to encourage me to come to church but I felt no urge to put myself out.  And then I met a Pentecostal lady, she was my neighbour and had just become converted.  I had never seen anything like it, she talked about being born again and how the Holy Spirit had changed her life.  I couldn’t remember ever hearing about being born again and I wanted to know more.   I saw the Holy Spirit at work in my friend and I felt envious


untitledSomething awful happened, the TV broke down!  The engineer said that it could not be repaired.  My ex husband worked late hours and so I had a lot of time to myself.  I picked up the Bible one evening and found it to be electric I couldn’t put it down.  I had years of Bible teaching but it was as though someone was pointing things out to me for the very first time and helping me to understand.  Within a week, I had made a decision to follow Christ.  I experienced rebirth and felt as though something had just turned me around. The plan was to go to the Pentecostal Church with my friend but I was led back to the church that I had left vowing never to return


Yvonne HillsI mentioned my life being turned upside down, well that is exactly what happened, my ex husband hated religion and divorced me for being a Christian and for going to church.  He spared me nothing, we nearly lost our home and there were long exhausting court cases. It was a nightmare, it would have been so easy to let go of my faith and save my marriage, but I knew that this was my last calling and that it was very special.   I used to sit up at night and agonise in prayer over my Bible holding on to the promises for dear life hoping that my ex would be saved.    There were a couple of times when I thought he was being drawn by the Holy Spirit and he even asked to pray with one of our Pastors.  Sadly too much damage had been done to him as a child, from what I understand he was actually beaten for not going to church. The Bible gave me guidance, comfort, hope and strength to cope through those terrible times, what a wonderful book!  One important thing I have learned is that God never forces a person to come to him.  The Holy Spirit is a dynamic force and has great power but at the end of the day we have that freedom to choose


rogerThe Lord took care of us; he did wonderful things and gave us strength to make a new life.  I went through the fire but I have been richly rewarded for sticking to my faith as I am now married to Roger who is a very kind and loving husband and it is wonderful to share my faith and go to church with him. We moved to Great Yarmouth six years ago to make a new life and we haven’t looked back.

 The funny thing is, after I had made my decision to accept Jesus back into my life, the TV came on and continued to work for several years after.  The Holy Spirit is real and has the power to change your life, so watch out!