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Street Pastors are 'go' in Great Yarmouth!

Street Pastors were involved in the Bank Holiday weekend Pilot Project of Night Safe Haven in Great Yarmouth.  It's a working together of all night time economy agencies; St John's did the SOS bit, YMCA coordinated, the Matthew Project had the caravan there and Street Pastors did their thing on Friday and Saturday nights.  The whole project started out from Park Baptist Church and the work base was the car park opposite the Empire.  The police have dropped the idea of "Street Guardians" and are now supporting Street Pastors!
The Friday night was really quiet and the general feeling is that future bank holidays duties should cover Saturday and Sunday nights.  There was great prayer support across the Borough through various churches and denominations.  Thanks to all who undertook that role

Street Pastors Report 28th August 2009 in Great Yarmouth

Street Pastor Team: David, Isabel, Paul R and Louise
Prayer Pastors: Carol, Leda, Paul B, Marlene and Brian S
We also had support and prayers from many supporters throughout the night, Adam, Lucy, Stephen Jones, and Colin.
Rev Leda Schofield welcomed us all at Park Baptist Church and led us into prayer and communion. We then had a briefing at 10:30pm on the seafront with the Matthew Project and YMCA.
 st john ambulance
It was a very strange evening all in all as it was EXTREMELY quiet. Perhaps it was that it was GCSE results day the day before, there had been a thunder storm at 5/6pm, there was a ‘do’ at the Ocean Rooms over in Gorleston. Whatever the reason, people were not out in any great numbers. Perhaps that is why the Street Pastors don’t go out on a Bank Holiday Friday in Norwich. To give you an idea we did not give out one pair of flipflops, unheard of for us when in Norwich!!
The route we took included St George’s Park, King Street and the seafront from the Pub on the Prom to Mission, opposite the Marina Centre via Albion Road. The Long John Bar at the end of the Britannia Pier appeared to be the liveliest. In future we will include sweeps of St Nicholas Church graveyard, if it is open and under the piers to contact the homeless – we didn’t contact one last night. matthew project 2
What was successful that night was how we worked together as a team, bearing in mind how most of us had never done it before!! The phone contact went well, it was easy to park outside and this was a golden opportunity to make initial contact with many agencies including the police, doormen, taxi drivers, food outlets as well as the general public. Very few holidaymakers were out. Those that we did make contact with included:
- Skateboarders behind the Pizza Hut
ymca-logo - Outside The Crown were:
·        a soldier on leave from the army who
         had done six tours of Afghanistan;
·        a young lady  from Nottingham wanted to join the police and asked many searching questions        about Church and our role in the community. She was very keen to join us, watch this space!!
·        a young man, too, engaged us in thought provoking conversation until his friend popped his 
         head  round the door and said that the punters were waiting for him to resume his singing!!;
·        a couple of young ladies on the pier, one of whom was walked with difficulty as she had jumped
         out of a tree, whilst sober!!;
·        a couple outside The Long Bar asking many questions about us and our role, I don’t know
         how much they’ll remember of our conversation as they’d had a bit to drink;
·        met a young man from King’s Church who was very positive about us and spoke to us about
        some encouraging Bible verses.
As we walked to Park Baptist Church for the last time we went through Regent Road where the police were attending an incident in which two girls were upset outside the pizza place.
As a first outing this was a successful evening as it gave us the opportunity for introductions and building bridges. I trust that the Lord will give us more practical opportunities for us to do his work in future…………
Congratulations and big thanks to all those who played a part in the build up and took part in the evening itself!! Here’s to the next time!!

Street Pastors Report 29th August 2009 in Great Yarmouth

 a second Street Pastor team went out on Saturday night 29th August and their report will follow shortly