Viewpoint from Mary Gilbert for 2/10/09

Mary Gilbert Regional Manager YMCA based in Gt.Yarmouth
I am a member and regular attendee at St Andrews Church Gorleston
Recently I met with about 30 others to celebrate the life of my aunt. It was good to meet up with other familviewpoints cross logo jpegy member, some not seen for many a long year. At this party weMARY GILBERT all sang her favourite hymn, one I have grown to love too over the years as it has been sung at many previous family occasions. In the last verse of that hymn the words say ‘Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.’ That for me says it all what more can I really ask for?
Recently I have taken time for reflection and looking back over the last few years I am amazed at the challenges, both professionally and personally, which have been thrown at me spiralling my life into turmoil. I am also amDove rightazed at how my responses to these challenges have enabled me to grow as a person, encouraged me to trust more in God and also provided me with tools to help others going through equally difficult situations.
None of us has a trouble free existence, and most of us have dealt with some extremely difficult situations in our lifetimes. However, it is in the way we deal with these situations that builds our characters and encourages our faith. We live in a fallen world – all around us we see signs of escalating problems – and most people seem to expect the government or others in authority to deal with them. Is this realistic? Could we as individuals start to make the changes ourselves? In speaking to someone the other day our discussion ranged as to the only way we can truly make a difference is by winning hearts and minds. When all else is stripped away, money, relationship, status – what is left? For me it is my living faith in a God who cares for me – one on whom I can depend, who is interested in the small and large details in my life and who offers me ‘strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.’