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Judging Others

Lisa Cunningham BA(Hons), MA
Christian artist and author
international exhibitions

How many of us stand in judgement against each other? We judge others in a fashion that is almost brutal but never want this level of spite back, nor expect it to be returned. If we are ever judged by another and we are aware of it we feel the sting and pain with a crushing vengeance. Yet still we carry on seating ourselves above others
Similarly, we point fingers and find fault, sitting comfortably back in our judgement seat. Until, powerfully, many, many more fingers are pointing back at us. In accusatory fashion and we cringe as if smacked

Sometimes I'll catch myself being horrified at some small comment a person has just made and I'll do just as I described. But God will reveal to me that I had said something of similar bile, if not more serious, just within the last hour. I am then horrified at myself. Ashamed. Throwing salt in my own wounds. Maybe I will laugh or smile to myself, knowing how well God knows me

When we stand before Him and present ourselves regularly, daily, we grow in humility. We are all a work in progress. Upon His potter's wheel. Yes, we fall and fail, often royally, but ALWAYS and forever He is there and picks us up and dusts us of regularly. Once more He encourages us to venture forth into foreign lands. We are His children, His beloved children. HE knows we are weak and often inflexible. It is us, often, who are unaware of our intense need of Him

He covers, shields, protects, holds us all continuously in His lovingly understanding and everlasting arms
MikeJ (Guest) 09/07/2013 19:47
We can only Judge others if we measure and judge ourselves, if we stop living under Law, we will allow others to live under grace also.