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Greater love hath no man ......

Lisa Cunningham MA , BA(Hons)
Christian artist and author
international exhibitions

lonely 2013Greater love hath no man than this, than that he lay down his life for another

 There is much selfishness in the world. A ‘look after me’ mentality. This sadly, produces lonely, isolated individuals who may even be living in families together

God laid down His life for us. He poured out His life. He teaches us how to live; He is our example to follow: He washed the disciple's feet. He became a servant to all, He came to serve; He came as a man. He came gentle and riding on a donkey. Humble. He loved and loves and is loving people. He gave Himself for you and me

Lord, help me to be pliable and available to You to be Your hands and feet. Your eyes hands and heart in this world. May I (we, you) bring Your kingdom down into earth. For Your glory honour and praise. Amen