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God is all things to all men

Lisa Cunningham MA , BA(Hons)
Christian artist and author
international exhibitions

cross and bible 2013I love thinking about being with Jesus. No one is like Him. No human is like Him

We are tainted by our lives even though we are growing and developing in Him and Holy Spirit is ripening us, purifying our hearts, minds and emotions. Yet we are not Him. No human is

Someone I met said about an elderly saint who had been around some of the big names in recent years. What always struck him about this man was the beauty of the fragrance of his breath. I do believe that we are all a work in progress and we have varying degrees of cleansing and purification processing. We are all so unique and different

Some of us get saved, get a total make over practically immediately and launch straight into fulltime ministry, while some progress more slowly. Some change very slowly. None are wrong. God deals with each of us as He sees fit

We can cry out, and work and search and pull on Him, for faster results and I know He will respond, but each of us are who we are in Him

We're not all superfast learners, or all excel at public speaking. Some of us are expert mothers, prayer warriors, worshippers. God's army is made up of many, many different soldiers

I love this about God and our humanity. We should celebrate our individuality in Him. Not try to make us all into the great big concrete tower block of "Jesus" that man thinks he is and present Him to others as such

God is all things to all men that He might save some.  He can reach anyone as we'll let Him use us all as individuals

MikeJ (Guest) 18/11/2013 17:45
The Gospel declares us Pure and Holy and Finished in Christs finished works, as regards our Salvation.

We are not a work in Progress but discovering the New Creation He has made us to be and the renewing of our minds allows us to catch up with his revelation to us.

The idea we have to clean ourselves up is a common misapprehension but it is not the Gospel of Grace that Paul preached.

We are in Him and in Him is No Darkness at all!

We do have memories of an old identity but Christ is in us, the hope of Glory our New Identity - As He is so are we - in Glory In the throne room!
Lisa (Guest) 18/11/2013 21:30
hey! I've been "working out my salvation" dying to self for twenty odd years. as I learn how to surrender to God, God "cleans me up". it's my choice how deep I let HIM go. in HIM there is no darkness but in me there is. I am not perfect. I understand that my mind is being renewed, it's my choice to let God renew me. some people are saved and their "destiny is the pew" they do not change, grow...anything. they wait for heaven. surely the work in progress is discovering who we are in HIM. it's work, focus, devotion.. war. I've been delivered of so many things I can't list it's so long. it's work and progress... I'm not God, I'm human. I fluff things. I need God desperately to help me.
MikeJ (Guest) 26/11/2013 12:28
God will help, has helped, is help.

None of the above or the below is a rebuke or condemnation the opposite in fact. A good understanding of the Gospel, that is Paul's message, will save us anxiety and all the fallacy of popular teaching such as the need of inner healing etc.

If Christ has set you free you are free but we don't teach this we teach that you're free but, you are clean but, Jesus did it all but, and on and on this is not the Gospel.

If Paul is right and I think we are safe in trusting that he is, then If We no longer Live but Christ lives in us, what are trying to die to and for?

the old nature was done away with and put off and a new creature was born, and we enter into this new life by grace and faith supplied by God, not much work for us to do then.

The Only work we can do is Religion, Religion will keep you working dead works till you drop.

The appearance of things is not always how things really are! We were saved 2000 years ago but it appears it was twenty odd years ago! one is fact the other an appearance, our perception.

Israel in the Joseph story was saved not when the family were hauled before the Egyptian court but when they threw their brother down a hole!

Without that they would not have had a family member in such a high position. Similarly for us with the cross and Jesus ascension in victory, he went to prepare a place for us. that place is the throne room.

Ephesians clearly says we are with Him, Jesus, in the Throne room with equal seating with Christ no less,redeemed and rendered spiritual by our new creation. All our working added nothing "for it was not by anything anyone could do" but by Grace we are saved. Not our working out.

Ephesians 2
8 For it is by free grace (God’s unmerited favor) that you are saved ([c]delivered from judgment and made partakers of Christ’s salvation) through [your] faith. And this [salvation] is not of yourselves [of your own doing, it came not through your own striving], but it is the gift of God;

The fear and trembling of the Phillipians 2:12 you quoted should be rendered as "self distrust"

A different translation puts Phillipians 2:12 like this
2:12 Considering this amazing outcome of what our faith sees and celebrates I strongly urge you my darling friends to continue to have your ears tuned to that which inspires your conduct to give full expression to the detail of your own salvation in a most personal and practical way. See salvation in its earth shattering awesome and ultimate conclusion. I know that my personal presence encourages you greatly but now I want you to realize an inspiration in my absence that supersedes anything you’ve known before. This would mean that even if you were never to see my face again or receive another Epistle from me, it will make no difference at all to your faith!
Mirror Bible

We need a revelation of our New Creation so we can begin to enjoy the work Jesus has accomplished.

In Rest and knowing Him that's where we will enjoy our salvation.

Free from the demands of religious duty.

Mike Jarvis