Action Zones 

How do you hear from God?


Lisa Cunningham MA , BA(Hons)
Christian artist and author
international exhibitions

listenI was asked the question "How do you hear from God? I thought about this. You have to sit and wait, basically.  We don't hear Him in general, because we don't ask Him, or wait long enough for an answer
God loves to be loved for who He is. That means waiting and listening. Choosing to spend time waiting and He will come. He always does. He speaks different languages to every single one of us on this planet. He speaks your intimate language. He's speaking to you right now exactly where you are at. Maybe He will speak as a still, gentle, small voice, in visions, or pictures, people, but He willl speak to you. He longs to be first, your first love above all
LORD, open this precious reader's spiritual eyes, ears and mouth. Open their five senses to understand YOU more. Release fire wind and rain into their heart and life. And quash all fears and doubts about them not hearing and YOU not hearing. In Jesus Name we have asked this. Amen