Action Zones 

Our Creator is the examiner of hearts

trust and goPhilip Knight
Wherry Way, Great Yarmouth

Our Creator is the examiner of hearts.  Sadly, as Jeremiah puts it in 17:9, “the heart is more treacherous than anything else and is desperate, who can know it?”  How true that proved to be in the case of the apostle Peter when he denied Christ three times.  Afterwards, of course, he was cut to the heart and from then on in spite of his imperfect nature he became an example for Christians to follow

How did this change come about?  John 21:15-19 says we have to allow the teaching’s example and motivation of Christ become so powerful in our lives that we no longer allow ourselves to be under the influence of our imperfect hearts but we become Christlike  in every thought and action and ask ourselves “would Christ react in this way?”  Then truly we will come under the power and direction of God’s Holy Spirit and not the power of the God of this world, Satan the Devil

I have a long way to go