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Let's lay down disunity 

Rev Betty Trinder writes:

UNITY 2014

With Lent beginning this week, I think "Unity" should at the  forefront of our prayers. When we pray for world peace we usually pray, "let it begin with me", when I have peace in my life and show love and acceptance to everyone else then it follows if we all believe that then the big peace can follow

So it is with unity, we confess all that has caused disunity in the past and the part each one of us has played in that disunity and decide that we want to lay it down and instead come together in Christian witness that Christ died for all....and not just for the people that "I know and love" but also for those I don't know and struggle to love
The witness that is happening in the world should be part of our local/world unity 

picture right shows people giving each other helping hands ascending a mountain