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He was a child of promise like we who was not under the Law 

Lisa Cunningham MA , BA(Hons)
Christian artist and author
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And it is written that Abraham had two sons: the one by a bond woman the other by a free (Galatians 4:22)

Paul defends the gospel by an appeal. This appeal involved an allegory. Previous appeals were based on their affection for Paul (Gal. 412-18) and Paul’s affection for them (Gal. 4:19,20).  An allegory is a figurative speech, wherein one thing is expressed and another intended

We are either a child of Sarah and a descendant of Isaac (grace), or a chid of Hagar and a descendant of Ishmael (Law)

God's Christ was made both under the precept and under the curse of the Law. Jesus was born in the lineage of Isaac, He was a child of promise like we who are not under the Law. We who believe all bear the everlasting covenant of God

Ishmael was born after the flesh, in a natural way. Isaac was born by supernatural strength in consequence to the promise. Ishmael was born of Abraham and Hagar. God made a promise with Abraham that he will give him his own son before Sarah's plan. Sarah was acting in her flesh and Ishmael is referred to “the son born after the flesh.” Isaac is born of Abraham and Sarah and he is the son God promised. Law versus grace. The two women in Abraham’s life represent two covenants; Hagar is the Old Covenant, the Law, while Sarah is the New Covenant, grace. Hagar is Mount Sinai in Arabia. This bears fleshly children into slavery: Descendants of Ishmael. Whereas Sarah gives birth to children of promise and grace who are free: Descendants of Isaac

For these two sons are types of two covenants. All Bible laws are given outside of Jerusalem on Mount Sinai.  One covenant is given from Mount Sinai and bears children to bondage

But the other covenant is derived from Jerusalem that is above which is free. Like Sarah. Free from all inward and outward bondage and Sarah is the mother of us all. That is, of us all who believe in Christ and we are all free citizens of the New Jerusalem. Heaven is a kingdom for the children of Sarah, not the children of Hagar. It is for those who are free, not those under slavery. The son of the bondwoman Hagar is cast out and he is not an heir of the heavenly kingdom with the son of Sarah, Jesus. Jesus Christ is the only person who fulfilled and fulfils the Law
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Not man, we need Jesus Christ to fulfil the Law. Man needs Jesus to keep the law.  Jesus is God and he is the only answer to obeying and fulfilling the Law, not man. All the Law points to God. They are a shadow pointing to Jesus (Heb10:1). We cannot mix grace and Law.  Jesus is the end of the Law and salvation is by grace through faith not by the Law. To have dominion over sin you have to be under grace not under the Law

Paul saw that the old Law given to Israel at Mount Sinai was much inferior to the law of Christ, taught by apostles, commissioned by Christ. Jesus came to abolish the law (Mat.5:17). The blood of Jesus satisfied the wrath of God. No one fulfilled the law. No prophet, no one. The flowing blood satisfied God's justice. The way to Heaven was made open by trusting God's death on the cross

God's purpose in sending Christ was to rescue us from slavery and to adopt slaves as sons

It is hard for many Jews to accept that the Law was not the supreme conclusion to God's scheme of redemption. It is also hard for some even today that the Law was limited in duration