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Viewpoint from Yvonne Hill for 15th August 2014 

Yvonne Hill
Member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Burnt Lane, Gorleston


The Garden

I was a rebellious youth who left the church environment vowing never to return. After many years,  I found myself sitting in a church pe2b05272bc39179b6703f5c37ebf649w!  I experienced being born again.  Something had turned me around and opened my eyes. Everything changed and the Bible opened up to me in a way that it had never done before.

One day I was studying the subject of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane.  For the first time I saw Christ as a person with feelings and emotions.  As a child I went to a Christian school so I had plenty of religious instruction but it was now clear to me that something had been missing and that I needed the Holy Spirit to teach me!

I discovered that Christ went through so much mental agony in the garden and His disciples were asleep which didn’t help, that must have hurt!  He begged His Father to take the cup away from him three times, was his human nature kicking in?  There is, I realise, some controversy about Christ’s humanitDove righty, but I see him as a real human being with fears and temptations just like us.  Jesus knew that if he didn’t go through with his death we would all be lost.  The amazing love that he has for us must have driven him on.  His Father and angels gave him strength and sustained Him.  Jesus had a real life experience of what it is to have a human nature and he understands the battles we have to face.  Jesus demonstrated what to do in these situations by praying continuously to His Father all through the night.

The fact that He sweated blood really shocked me!  This happens when someone agonises so much he is close to death.  The more I studied the more I saw the selfless love that Jesus has for us and I realise how worthless I am.  He brought an end to the sacrificial system and it was nailed to the cross. His blood replaced the animal sacrifices.  What about the moral laws?  Jesus made it plain that he didn’t come to change one tittle of the law.  Jesus said “If you love me keep my commandments.”  John 14 v 15. “The works of His hands are verity and judgement, all His commandments are sure.  They stand fast for ever and ever, and are done in truth and uprightness.”  Psalm 111 v 7+8.  But we are not alone, Jesus has promised to help us if we repent.

Jesus knew his Father had promised a way out for us and that was His death on the cross. It must have been dreadful knowing what He had to suffer, but He overcame this by turning to his Father in prayer and was obedient to his will. 

Jesus always prayed ahead, it was a matter of habit!  His relationship with his father was so unique and so strong through prayer.  That is what I want to cultivate more and build a better relationship with Jesus just as he demonstrated with his Father.