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From the Rectory 

CHRIS TERRY 1Rev Canon Chris Terry
Team Rector, Great Yarmouth Minster

As I write this we have had, it seems, weeks and weeks of adverts from all the supermarkets extolling the virtues of their Christmas products. Food glorious food might well be their interpretation of the real meaning of Christmas. I do not blame them, it is important that they should put on their advertising before Christmas if they are to boost their sales. Have you however ever stopped and questioned when the right time is?

Christmas is about God’s action to bring about change at the right time. Millions of years had passed since the Creation; many, many generations had passed since the Fall; Israel had been brought out of slavery, sent into exile and restored; when in a small part of the Roman Empire to a young women the momentous news of the Angel changed things for ever. We might be led to question, why then, why there, why not now? Surely in this age of global communication Jesus’ message could have been sent worldwide, miracles could have been performed in front of the media? Surely all would have had to believe at that point? Except that was not the point that God in his absolute wisdom chose. St Paul sums up the importance of the time in his letter to the Galatians

But when the fullness of time had come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law, in order to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as children. Galatians Ch4 v4

In choosing to send His Son into the world at that point God chose to change the lives of individuals and the direction of the world. In a single moment as the Angels sang on earth all of perceptions of what should be are changed. Through the birth of the Son we are restored to our place as the Sons and Daughters of a loving Father. This is the Christmas gift that ends all other gifts

Our Christmas celebrations may be far removed from the reality of that first Christmas. Yet each Christmas can be the time when we let the Christ child into our lives. Christ comes amongst us to bring healing and wholeness to broken and divided humanity so that each moment of time has within it the possibility to be a God moment, the right time
Fr Chris