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Port Chaplain’s role is saved but reduced to part time job 

19 November 2016
Kieran Lynch

PP-james bass
Rev Peter Paine, Great Yarmouth Port Chaplain
Picture: James Bass

Great Yarmouth’s dedicated Port Chaplain spoke of his relief after it was confirmed his role would continue, despite only on a part time basis

Rev Peter Paine’s future came into question in February as a result of cutbacks being made by the Mission to Seafarers who pay his salary. However, a statement by Barry Capon, chairman of Good Work Norfolk and Waveney Industrial Mission, said Mr Paine would work two and a half days a week from February 1

Mr Capon said: “The Mission to Seafarers, who oversee and direct the work of the Rev Paine, will provide partial funding for two days a week for 2017 at a rate of 50% of their current grant. The Rev Paine will use the 2.5 days flexibly in the light of demands but will primarily be visiting ships in the port as now”

With a floating congregation of up to 10,000 seafarers and cadets, Mr Paine said pulling the plug would have affected the service given to sailors who come to the town needing help and support

He said: “To be honest I am relieved the cutbacks mean I am only working two and a half days a week. This is in comparison to what the threat was earlier this year that funding for the port chaplain would totally be removed, which would have been terrible for the town”

“It means I will have to pick and choose the things I do a little bit more from February 1”

Mr Paine, 65, is also the town hall chaplain and tourism chaplain with responsibility for around 60 seafarers units. He was instrumental in bringing a Seafarers Centre back to the town after a break of nine years

He added that one of his main roles in the next year would be dealing with upcoming windfarm projects in the town

this article also published on the Yarmouth Mercury website