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Unite's prayer diary and update for June 2017

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Taking the Good News to every young person in the East of Norfolk
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“For the Lord is good and His love endures forever;
His faithfulness continues through all generations” 
(Psalm 100 v 5)UPD 1 06-2017

It’s no good! We’re going to have to give him a name; we can’t keep referring to him as “the Year 7 lad” so we’ll call him Kevin, because he really needs your prayers and we would like you to be able to thank God for His impact on this young man. We’ve talked about his questions and engagement in the April and May prayer diaries and have another update for thanksgiving this month. Kevin came into Room 6 after the Spring Weekend and announced “Miss, I believe in God now!” Ali replied “Wow, that’s brilliant! When did that happen?” He then explained how he’d joined in with the prayer in the relevant session at Spring Weekend and how, since then he had been praying and reading his Gideon New Testament (which all the Year 7s in Great Yarmouth High School receive every year in an assembly). He had also kept his bookmark from Spring Weekend in his Bible and kept reading that too. Ali reminded him that she would be in a café in the middle of town after school on Tuesdays, where the young people could come and ask any questions they wanted and could talk about Jesus, following on from the sessions at Spring Weekend. Sure enough, he arrived and they sat with the Bible open, reading the stories of Jesus and sharing the prayers he has prayed about some significant things happening in his life at the moment. Praise God for revealing Himself to this young man at such a young age. Pray for protection from the evil one and strong roots in Jesus Christ
UPD 2 06-2017 
The Youth Café is still attracting the usual 26-32 young people every week, which makes it difficult to have meaningful conversations with them but we trust God that this is His will and that the relationships He is forging between us now will be used for His glory in the future. Thank God for His continued protection and peace as we meet. If you can make drinks and toast but young people scare you witless, don’t let that put you off – that’s where most of us started! God has given us some amazing young people to be alongside. It’s a really rewarding couple of hours and will dispel all the negativity surrounding young people in general! You won’t need to get into conversations with them if you’re not comfortable with that, you can stay in the kitchen but you will be releasing those volunteers who DO want to engage with the young people. Let us know if you just want to come for a “taster” with no commitment. Everyone, without fail, who has visited so far, has commented on what lovely young people they are 

ARMOUR OF GODThank you for your prayers for Stand. With the two young leaders facing some really challenging personal situations we are constantly grateful for His strength and love through your prayers. We’ve continued to dig deep into the Bible, studying Titus and now working our way through Corinthians. Please praise God for Livvy, as we see Him transforming her from a shy teenager into a confident young woman able to converse with young people and peers alike, stepping out of her comfort zone on so many occasions with our activities and as she delves deeper into what a relationship with Jesus means to her life and her eternity
UNITE PEOPLEPeople often ask us “What does Unite actually DO?” If you’re not sure and would like us to visit your church (a service or PCC meeting or something else) to update you in person about the work of Unite, please get in touch, we’d love to come and meet you
Thank you to those who prayed for us as we interviewed two young women for the youth worker posts. We praise God for His clarity as the result of which we have offered a job to one of the applicants and we will update you as soon as we know more. Please pray for her to hear clearly from God whether this is the right move for her


 pray365 logo

As most of you will know, everything Unite does is underpinned with prayer and this year in particular there are many more opportunities to be together and talk to God, listening for His direction, vision and the desires of His heart. Throughout 2017, Youth for Christ is pursuing Jesus through an intentional Year of Prayer, #Pray365. This is a declaration that we are resolutely committed to following Him and surrendering to Him, no matter what the cost. YFC have committed to covering 365 days in prayer for the young people of Great Britain. As part of #Pray365, we are holding our first East Norfolk YFC Prayer Day. The event will be held at Park Baptist Church on Saturday June 3rd, 14A Crown Road, NR30 2JN. The venue will be available between 10am and 6pm to drop in and spend some quality time together, humbling ourselves before God; seeking His leadership through creative prayer stations, interceding on behalf of the young people of Gt Yarmouth and listening to God’s truth over this nation. The second date is Saturday 1st July at Kingsgate Community Church from 10am-6pm. Please come and join us for as long as you’re able and watch out for more dates throughout 2017
2 Chronicles 7:14 says ‘If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land
We also regularly pray on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month inside McDonalds, Great Yarmouth from 7.30-8.30pm. Feel free to come and join us 
UPD 5 06-2017

Newday 2017
 is approaching fast and we are looking forward to a week with 20 lovely young people spending time getting to know each other and Jesus and enjoying some lovely summer sun!?


Regular commitments for June 2017: 


Thursday 1st - Friday 2nd          Whitsun half-term week
Saturday 3rd  
#Pray365 Drop into Park Baptist Church if you can between 10am-6pm to intercede for the young people of our nation
Sunday 4th                         
Stand.  Pray for Livvy as she steps out of her comfort zone to lead her first Bible study on Corinthians Chapters 1 and 2
Monday 5th                 
Cliff Park Community Church meeting Please pray for Eddie as he also steps out of his comfort zone to talk to the members of this church about Spring Weekend, Stand and the Youth Café
Tuesday 6th                
Room 6 Pray for the conversations in this room to centre around finding God in our every day.
Theos (follow-up from SW) Pray the young Christians will remember that this is on in the café in town and that Holy Spirit will be stirring their hearts to learn more of Him
Wednesday 7th           
Dinner Hall Thank God for the quiet but valuable presence we have in the dinner hall, picking up those students who are struggling to cope with the hustle and bustle and community life of school.
Youth Café Thank God for the volunteers who faithfully sacrifice their Wednesdays. Pray for peace as we have two less leaders than usual. Pray that the balloon-modelling will go down well and provoke questions and conversations about Jesus
Thursday 8th               
Dinner Hall Thank God for the young people He is going to direct to talk to Ali today. Pray for His name to be brought up in conversation and for the young people to be open to talking about Him
Stand Prayer Thank God for Grace and Eddie. Pray for their relationships with Jesus, that they will grow deeper and stronger as they face difficult personal circumstances
 Friday 9th                   
Youth Connect – Emmanuel Church Pray for the young people who come here, that they will enjoy peaceful relationships with each other
Sunday 11th                
Stand As we take a break from studying the Bible together this week, pray that Hepsi, Julyan, Seyi, Sam and Livvy make the most of their Sunday to spend time with Jesus
Tuesday 13th              
Room 6 Thank God that we have this privilege of a classroom at lunchtime to nurture and respond to the students who come
Theos Continue to ray for these young people and their relationship with Christ. Pray that they will be rooted in Him through these discussions and prayer
Unite Prayer.  Thank God for His peace at McDonalds, pray with us as we meet again tonight at 7.30 to pray for the young people of the town. Pray that our being there will bring conversations with the staff. Pray that Steve will be touched by our witness
Trustees meeting Thank God for these amazing and faithful people. Pray that they will know God’s next step for this organisation. Pray for protection over them all
Wednesday 14th         
Dinner Hall Thank God for all the conversations Ali is going to have today with staff and pupils. Pray that His name will be glorified
Youth Café As everyone returns, pray for His protection over the leaders and young people. Pray for His peace which enables us to engage in conversations with them
Thursday 15th             
Dinner Hall Pray for the pupils who are not looking forward to the holidays; that they will find a way to be at peace
Stand Prayer Pray for His guidance as we assess and discuss the programme and progress of this group
Friday 16th                  
Youth Connect Pray for the leaders to find more help from the church when we complete our term with this group. Pray that people will be obedient to His calling
Sunday 18th                
Stand Thank God for what we are learning of Him through Paul’s writings. Pray for Sam as he leads the study on Corinthians
Tuesday 20th              
Room 6 Pray for the teachers with whom Ali has a relationship with as a result of this group. Pray that they will want to know more of what she does and why
Theos Pray that the young people will come and be excited about discussing the difference Jesus makes in their lives
Wednesday 21st         
Dinner Hall Pray that the pupils will enjoy their time in the dinner hall; that there will be peace in their relationships
Youth Café Pray for the volunteers to be protected from illness and injury and that they will have courage to take opportunities to talk to the young people about Jesus
Thursday 22nd            
Dinner Hall Pray for the catering staff and MSAs today. Pray that they will want to know why Ali does what she does. Thank Him for the MSA who is leaving but wants to keep in touch with Ali
Stand Prayer As Eddie gets stuck into his second week of exams, please pray for peace and clarity for him and that God will be honoured in his attitude and results
Friday 23rd                 
Youth Connect Pray for these young people, that they will have good relationships and will think before they act
Sunday 25th                
Stand As Seyi and Julyan lead this study on Corinthians, pray that God will speak to them both in a way that changes their lives for ever
Monday 26th               
YFC centres’ retreat day. As the directors from the East of England YFC centres get together to pray, refresh and reinvigorate, pray that Holy Spirit will stir in them something new for the next season of their work in so many different environments across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex
Tuesday 27th              
Room 6.  Pray for the conversations here – that there won’t be too many young people, making it difficult to have meaningful conversations
Theos Pray for these young people to be brave enough to talk about their new lives with their friends.
Unite Prayer.  As we gather together in McDonalds at 7.30pm to pray for the young people of the town, pray for peace and His presence to be made known                                                       
Wednesday 28th         
Dinner Hall Thank God that He has his hand on these young people and that they can all have a relationship with Him if they choose to.
Youth Café Thank God for Grace, Louise, Michelle, Livvy, Ali, Joe, Sadie and John
Thursday 29th             
Dinner Hall
Stand prayer As we meet together to pray, thank God for His goodness to us and for the journey He’s taken us on over the last three years of Stand. Pray for Eddie as he prepares to go to university and all that entails
Friday 30th                  
Youth Connect.  Thank God for Claudia, Shirley and Ricardo. Pray for some encouragement for them as they sacrifice their Friday afternoons to bring Jesus to these young people


And don’t forget the #356prayer day at Kingsgate tomorrow (1st July)