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Great Yarmouth Seafarers Centre’s 50 Club competition 

first 50 club draw

The 50 Club is the way you can help GYSC to make money and, at the same time, make a little money for yourself.  Each place in the competition costs £5 per month … but you may have as many places as you wish.  The draw is made around the third Monday of every month and the winner receives half the pot, with the other half going to the Centre

Alongside, you can see the, then, Mayor Sirley Weymouth conducting the first draw on Monday 17th August 2015 

The money raised by the 50 Club is used to fund the day to day expenses incurred by the Centre.  Without the 50 Club, the centre would not be able to fund the facilities offered to seafarers that they so richly deserve, including Wi-Fi to enable them to contact family 

The Centre is not staffed by paid employees.  Those who work at the centre do so voluntarily

Your generous support helps the centre to give emotional and practical support to seafarers of all nationalities by:

offering a welcome and hospitality in the port of Great Yarmouth;
enabling them to keep in touch with their homes and families;
assisting them with all kinds of emergencies and problems through the availability of the Port Chaplain


If you would like to support this very worthy venture by volunteering, taking part in the 50 Club competition, or by donation, please contact the Port Chaplain, Rev Peter Paine:

01493 850270
07788 111 823