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The right gear

RIGHT GEAR24th July 2018
Malcolm Edmonds
Member of Park Baptist Church

I was out cycling the other day as I enjoy lots of cycling when I can, especially early in the morning on a summers day.  It’s peaceful, quiet, and I am able to talk with our Heavenly Father, thanking Him for His creation and beauty, and all that He has done for me
As I was nearing my destination, there was a slight incline and I began to struggle:  maybe I was out of energy but I realised when I came to my stop that the chain had slipped into a higher gear
It came to my mind that many Christians have struggles with their walk with the Lord: this could be for many reasons, family, finances, work, friends, and no doubt others.  So our walk may not be as smooth as we would like it
We have a loving Heavenly Father who will help us face these struggles if only we keep in-step with Him, having faith and trust He will help us to make our journey smooth to our final destination.  Are you in the right gear?


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