Gorleston Christian shares gold from Psalm 119 

psalm 119 pgr

A Norfolk Baptist has been panning for gold like the San Francisco 49ers of the 1849 California Gold Rush, and believes he has found it in in Psalm 119

psalm 119Gorleston Christian Peter Gray-Read has learnt Psalm 119 off by heart, and has published a motivational study guide to the psalm to encourage others to delve more deeply into it, and even learn it by heart themselves
“A 119er is someone who has learnt the psalm by heart” explained Peter. “It may sound daunting but I can tell you it is worth the effort.   Some eminent people have been 119ers, including the father of modern physics, James Clark Maxwell who learnt it by the time he was 8 years old;  The missionary explorer David Livingstone who learnt it by 12 years of age, and the reformer Lord Shaftesbury

“The text explores the personal application and prophetic aspects relating to the life of the Messiah.  The psalm has been called the backbone of the Bible – indeed it is central and also composed of 22 stanzas or sections that correspond to the 22 articulating vertebrae below the specialised atlas and axis. Each comprises two 'arms' articulating with Kaph and Lamed at the shoulders and ending with the 'hands' Jod and Tav each with 5 fiats or 'Lets..' So when you study the Psalm you are being embraced by the word of God.  So, Jesus is putting his two arms around you and hugging you!” 
Peter is a teacher, specialising in maths and science with a master’s in molecular biology, and has done street preaching in UK locally and France, Ukraine, Siberia, and South Africa. He worships at St Andrew’s Church in Gorleston
The booklet applies the teaching of the psalm to current topics as well as being a devotional aid, and an encouragement to meditate on His word. It is available at Soul Church in Norwich or by e-mailing Peter at . The cover price is for £5.00 to cover the printing costs
Steve Mawston from Soul Church said “If you love taking the time to unearth many of the multi-faceted treasures found within God’s Word, you will love ‘A Meditation on Psalm 119’ by Peter Gray-Read. Peter utilises many tools to unearth the treasures, such as analysis of Hebrew letters, antiphonal structures and scientific insights. Pour yourself a great coffee and take the time to read and reflect on these thoughts on this amazing Psalm”
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