Gorleston Gal’s Community News June 2019 

GORLESTON GALGorleston Gal, Melanie Ruse reports
as published by St Andrew's Church in the Gorleston Community Magazine

We have so many people and organisations here with great ideas, we thought it would be a great idea to get them all together to collate ideas about all things Gorleston. The Friends of Gorleston Seafront includes the Seafront Traders, The Beach Clean, Pavilion Theatre, and Gorleston on Sea Life Community Facebook Page. Anyone can join, whether a resident, regular user or tourist. Please look us up on Facebook, message us for the link, or call my mobile and leave a message. After we get organised we will hold a public meeting to follow on from the seafront planning protest to update everyone on ideas for the future and any news about planning applications

If you know of a company or individual we can celebrate, please phone 07714763521 or email:

Beach Clean News

 COMMUNITY GAL 06-2019AThe Gorleston Community Beach Clean on April 21st was another great success with 130 people signing in, of which 32 were children. We had great support from the local businesses, GYBC and MESH as usual. The big task I'm really proud of is the beach shelter which was looking grubby and unloved. It took 3 hours of scrubbing and scraping to get old sticky tape, sand and cobwebs off of it
COMMUNITY GAL 06-2019BI do get asked whether we could do more beach cleans. We are into a pattern of the last Sunday of the Easter holidays and last Sunday of the October half term. Everything lives in my loft. It's quite a lot of work getting it all checked and organised so a big one twice a year is quite enough for me! We are now lending equipment to other litter picks and I have a couple of companies coming down in June. A ten person kit may need to take up residence in my shed. If you have a family group or work team that wants to do a beach walk and litter pick, please feel free to borrow the kit. It's in walking distance of the beach so easy to collect and return. Just email or call 077147 63 521

Peanut Treats – for dogs


COMMUNITY GAL 06-2019CI thought I’d share a quick recipe which uses up stale bread and makes a healthy option dog treat. I can’t get mine to touch olive oil which is meant to be good for their coats but they LOVE these. You can use any kind of bread. If your dog can’t handle gluten,  then use gluten free


2 Slices dry bread (this is Irish soda bread which is small)

2 tablespoons peanut butter (crunchy or smooth, I use 100% peanuts with no sweetener which is bad for dogs)

2 tablespoons olive oil 

  1. COMMUNITY GAL 06-2019DMix peanut butter and olive oil and spread on bread. Allow oil to soak in for 5 minutes

  2. Cut into ‘soldiers’, it’s easier than when they are baked

  3. Bake for 10 minutes, electric 170 , gas 4. Depends how crunchy your dog likes them. For a crunchier treat, switch oven off and leave in oven to dry out 

  4. ?Store in an airtight box

?Use as a treat or crumble on regular food as a crunchy topping