Organ recitals at The Minster and Caister 

 22nd July 2019
Michael Pretty reports


The recitals by Colin Porter at The Minster, and Holy Trinity, Caister, were resounding successes, with 60+ at the Minster, and 50+ at Caister

A number of those I spoke to at Caister said that they would be coming to Hemsby on 14th September.   One gentleman said he had been coming to Caister Church for a number of years, but hadn't realised that the organ was capable of such enthralling sounds
This will be Colin's fourth year at Hemsby, so I hope that the numbers will increase from the usual twelve who attend such events
As Archivist, and former Secretary General of the NMSM, I always try to promote any concerts given by our members
As my later friend Carlo Curley once said "We will make the organ famous, even if it kills us".   Sadly he died a few years ago, 2 weeks before his 60th birthday.    He was a one-off, the likes of which we shall never see again
At 6'4" and weighing over 23 stone, he was reputed to be able to play faster with his feet than most organists can manage with their hands   He was an American child prodigy, with over 200 scores in his head, all committed to memory
In the photo above, you can see the organist at St Mary’s, Michael Pretty

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