Healing Rooms changing contact 

Healing Rooms Logo9th August 2019

Great Yarmouth Healing Rooms is part of Healing Rooms England and Wales (IAHR)
They will not be meeting at Christchurch for the time being but are still available Tuesdays 12-2pm.  They are also looking for more volunteers, particularly women, so they can minister properly to whoever comes for prayer
They are making a further change for the time being that people who would like prayer should contact them by email or phone so they can arrange an appointment at a suitable venue
They have had some answers to prayer recently - for example a homeless person has been provided with accommodation, and they have been supporting and helping some people get free from childhood and generational issues who have asked for prayer by email, phone, and in person
Richard Ferrari said "We would like to invite more local people with healing needs to contact us because God wants to transform and work powerfully in our town"
Please call Richard on 0797 228 1077 or Brian on 0770 871 2420 or email