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ENYFC prayer diary for September 2019 

We are about seeing young people's lives changed by Jesus

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 "Even when you are old, I will be the same.
Even when your hair turns grey, I will take care of you.
I made you and I will take care of you. I will carry you and save you"
(Isaiah 46 v 4 NCV)


ENYFC PRAYER DIARY 09-2019 ImaThe summer has been very busy for a number of reasons and the Prayer Diary has had to wait a while this time. Sorry to those of you who have felt uninformed and out of the loop but thank you to those who have let us know that you do faithfully read and pray — that is a huge encouragement to us. Please join us in thanking God for the reasons our summer has been so busy: We decided to open the office to young people for one day a week and were pleased to see some of the young people venturing in for hot chocolate, fruit and chat. It was also great to see adults popping in, whether they're churchgoers we know or parents of the young people we engage with. It's also a great opportunity to pop out of the door and chat with people who look inquisitively in the windows expecting to see a recruitment agency (previous occupants of the building) and wondering whatever "Youth for Christ" means/stands for/does. Many positive comments from people, both believers and pre-Christians! Although we were pleased to see all these people and engage, this did mean that our time was not spent on admin and Ali had some major admin tasks this summer, namely annual statistics for Youth for Christ, (part of the process enabling us to be chartered as a Youth for Christ centre), many hours spent trying to obtain a refund for the large amount of overcharging from our electricity provider, preparation of the annual accounts and the Trustees Annual Report to the Chanties Commission; reviewing and renewing our annual Insurance Policy. Those tasks all required a lot of time In addition to the day to day running of the charity and the office so even though we are really grateful the work is growing; we are finding it increasingly difficult to sustain the work without additional help. Suzie has been invaluable with the work she has been doing for 5 hours a week during the summer and she has archived, reorganized and updated the filing in the office. However, we are really pleased that she has now started teacher training but this does mean she is no longer available to help with admin. If anyone is available to give some time each week to get to know the organization and commit to a -few hours a week (term tine only) for the next year to help release Ali and to free her up to engage face to -face with the young people and parents, we would love to hear from you. We also need trustees to guard and guide the organization as two will be stepping down over the next few months. Please get in touch if you think God is calling you to investigate helping out in this way.  As you will be aware, we are currently fundraising for a new senior worker on the team so please pray that the funders will be enthusiastic about supporting our applications
WEC+ was a huge boost in August — as you may have seen on our Facebook page — the young person who has been regularly attending (often on her own) decided to follow Jesus. Please pray that she will continue to explore her relationship with Christ, as this is a very alien concept to young people who tend to think of it just as a one off decision and a "label" that means you have to act/behave in a certain way. Yes, even when they've heard many times that is isn't!
If you're not sure what we do and would like us to visit your church (a service or PCC meeting or something else) to update you in person about the work of East Norfolk Youth for Christ, please get in touch, we'd love to come and meet you


If God is prompting you, please get in touch or use the following details to donate. Our bank details are HSBC, 81452886, 40-22-34. We are registered with Stewardship (East Norfolk Youth for Christ) if you'd like to give anonymously or if you prefer to use cheques, please make them payable to East Norfolk Youth for Christ and post them to the office address at the bottom of this update. Thank you so much to those who consistently support us in this way. We are truly grateful for your generosity


Commitments for September 2019:


Thank you so much for your faithful prayers — He is changing hearts,
atmospheres and situations because of the prayers offered by you, His people

Wednesday 4th
Dinner Halls: It was good to be back in school and to catch up with the staff and the new Year 7s who were the only pupils in the school today. Thank God for the opportunity to spend all our time with them and for those who were given a flyer for the Youth Café, that they will remember it's on and pop along to see what it's about
Theos: Thank God for the privilege of praying with the Year 10 who arrived and for the beauty of Psalm 23, which he was pleased to read and understand

Thursday 5th
Dinner Halls: Today the new Year 11s arrived as well as the Year 7s. Thank God for the promise in these young people as they begin their GCSE year. Youth Café: Thank God for the 3 young people who remembered that we were open today and for the new volunteer who came along to observe with a view to helping out regularly

Sunday 8th
WEC+: Praise God that Ali was able to catch up with some admin as none of the young people arrived today. Pray that their passion for Jesus will be reignited amidst the distractions of their lives

Tuesday 10th
Dinner Halls: Thank God for the pupils in Years 8, 9 and 10 who have returned to school this week. Praise Him for the relationships we have been able to forge over the last 5 years in the school and pray that we will be a blessing to
everyone in the school, not just the young people.
Open Office: Thank God for the 15 young people who came today, many of them the "old" Year 11s who are now at college. It was such an encouragement to hear how they're getting on in their next season and how different life is at college. Please pray that they won't disregard the things they learned in their school years about respect, valuing each other and commitment. Pray that they will still be open to discovering Jesus and pursuing a relationship with Him

Wednesday 11th
Dinner Halls: Thank God for the staff at the school, particularly the new ones who are just starting at Charter. Pray that they will settle in quickly and that the pupils will be "forgiving" when they've replaced a "favourite" teacher!
Theos: Thank God for the 6 young regulars who came today. 2 x Year 8s, 2 x Year 9s and 2 x Year 10s. Pray that they will gel and be part of the younger generation of leaders in the church!

Thursday 12th
Dinner Halls: Thank God for His favour in the school. Pray for the head
teacher Mr Smith; that he will come to know Jesus.
Youth Café: Thank God for Rebecca Simmons from the NHS "Smoke Free Norfolk" team who came to visit the café today, for the wisdom she imparted to the young people regarding the smoking and the damage it does to our bodies. Pray that they will resist the temptation

Tuesday 17th
Dinner Hall: Thank God for all that He is doing even though we can't see it. Pray for revelation for the young people. Pray for their protection outside of school too, with the very real threat of "County Lines" and people trafficking. Open Office: Thank God for the opportunity to just spend time relaxing with the young people. Pray for their safety as they leave the office and walk home

Wednesday 18th
Dinner Halls: Pray that the conversations will be fruitful today and that Holy Spirit will grow the seeds sown in these young people's lives.
Theos: Pray for breakthrough with the young people; that they will be passionate to know Jesus as a friend and their Saviour

Thursday 19th
Dinner Halls: Thank God that He loves everyone in this school equally, whether they know Him or not. Pray that there will be an outbreak of Holy Spirit in this place. Please pray for the Year 8, 9 and 10 boys to engage with Amilcar's football tournament in October half term
Youth Café: Pray for patience, love and grace for everyone; young people and leaders. Thank God for the volunteers: Sue, Susan, Erny, Debs, Michelle, and Louise who turn up every week to spend time getting to know these young people. Pray that they will be able to pray with them and to have meaningful conversations with them tonight

Sunday 22nd
WEC+: Pray that the young people will remember this is on and that they will be hungry to learn about Jesus and to get to know Him. Pray for Ali as she leads this group

Tuesday 24th
Dinner Halls: Thank God for the opportunities He has already lined up for us as we go into the school today. Pray that Ali and Amilcar will seize all of them to tell the Good News of Jesus!
Open Office: As the young people gather here again this week, please thank God for the abilities He has given them, for the way He sustained the Year 12s over their GCSE season last (academic) year and the way He will never leave them or forsake them as they begin their journey into adulthood

Wednesday 25th
Dinner Halls: Thank God for the promise in all these 900+ pupils. Pray for the Year 7s as they get used to their new environment; that they will continue to be pleased to come to school and learn.
Theos: As Amilcar continues with the journey through Mark, pray that the young people will understand the enormity of what Jesus did and who He is for them today if they would just choose Him. Thank God for all the questions we had in the previous session: Why do Christians wear crosses round their necks? What does it mean to be a Christian? How do we follow Jesus? What is sin? When we are christened do we have to get new clothes? How do you repent? What does it mean to "catch people"? (fishers of men) is alcohol a sin?

Thursday 26th
Dinner Halls: Thank God for the conversation Amilcar had with the Year 7s and 8s last week about polytheism and what Youth for Christ stands for. Pray that these pupils will want to know more about the only Way the only Truth and the only Life worth knowing.
Youth Café: Thank God for the provision of the extra one-off volunteers as 3 regulars are unavailable today. Pray that Claire, Nigel and Zach will be blessed by their service to these young people and the King today


Thank you for your support, as always and we thank God for all these opportunities to be His light in the communities around us
Stuart Alison, Nigel, Richard and Matt (Trustees)


If you're not sure what we do and would like us to visit your church (a service or PCC meeting or something else) to update you in person about the work of East Norfolk Youth for Christ, please get in touch, we'd love to come and meet you



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