Baptismal Service in Great Yarmouth 

13th December 2019

A baptism by immersion service took place in the Great Yarmouth Seventh-day Adventist Church on 7 December.  The church was filled to capacity for the occasion when five individuals made their public witness of their belief and acceptance of Jesus as their personal Saviour.  Michael I Walker, Communications Secretary, reports
From left to right [front row] Maureen Dogget, Shauna Overton,Ana Nunes
[back row] Pastor Michael Walker, Sharnie-Ann Bright, Justin Overton, Pastor Rio Espulgar, Pastor Mark Borrett


Three ministers performed the ceremony, namely the local minister, Pastor Mark Borrett; the previous minister, Pastor Rio Espulgar, who travelled across from his new parish in Weston-super-Mare; and former minister who is now retired, Pastor Michael Walker

(photo right shows Shauna Overton in baptistery with Pastor Borrett)

The five individuals were Justin Overton and his daughter Shauna, Ana Nunes, Sharnie-Ann Bright, and Maureen Dogget.  Each one, having received a series of Bible studies, made their commitment to Jesus and were united in fellowship at our church in Burnt Lane, Gorleston

SDA BAPTISM 12-2019DIn his sermon, Pastor Borrett reminded us of the significance of baptism in relation to the New Birth experience.  As it explains in Romans chapter 6, baptism by immersion portrays the beautiful experience of dying through Christ to sin, of burying that former sinful life in the watery grave, and then rising up to a new life in Christ.  It expresses our faith in Jesus Who died for each one of us, Who was buried and then rose again.  We witnessed a spiritual funeral and resurrection service all rolled into one!
(photo left shows Sharnie-Ann Bright in baptistery with Pastor Walker)

SDA BAPTISM 12-2019BAt the end of the service, each “new” person was welcomed into church fellowship and received a lovely, useful gift from the church.  Afterwards, everyone assembled in the upstairs room to mingle and congratulate the new converts and to partake of the special ‘New Birthday Cake’(see photo right) that had been prepared