Student Chaplaincy - summer placements for 18+ Christians 

JPH Chaplaincy window13th February 2020

We have a very experienced and friendly chaplaincy team and we would like to share the privilege we have of caring for people at James Paget Hospital with some younger members of the Christian community.  Do you know someone who is a college leaver or has a summer vacation and wants to get a bit of experience in a caring environment?  If so please pass this information on
The aim is to provide opportunities in the summer months for chaplaincy experience alongside our team.  It would not need to be fulltime and you would always be supported and accompanied.  As a member of the team I can tell you that this work is a great way of learning more about listening, caring, prayer, faith, and yourself.  You will be able to engage meaningfully with people of all ages and at key moments in their lives.  If you are thinking of joining a caring profession or just want a challenge or opportunity to do something really worthwhile then this could be for you
There will be an informal interview and then times and details worked out that suit you  

Interested?  Please email:    

We look forward to hearing from you    

Donna Dodson (Trust Chaplain)