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Kairos 2020 

19th February 2020

Fifty young people from three Youth for Christ centres in Norfolk took part in an adventure weekend on the North Norfolk coast, giving them the opportunity to find out more about Jesus


"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom...."

KAIROS 2020AThat's the promise going round and round in my mind today as I reflect on the last 3 days. We took 12 young people (unchurched teenagers) to the Kingswood Centre in West Runton to join 19 others from other Youth for Christ centres across Norfolk
All of these 12 young people have been regulars at the Youth Cafe and jumped at the chance to spend a weekend with The Sense whom they met at our Christmas gig. Of these 12, 6 had never been away with us before and have had no input of spiritual thing except from the RE teachers at school
At the beginning of the weekend there was the usual shyness and trepidation of what was to come but they soon got in to the timetable of activities, food and hearing about Jesus. Thank you so much for your prayers - people were particularly praying about the threatened storms but the downpour we woke up to on Sunday morning dried up by 9am - exactly what we'd asked and in time for the first outdoor activity of the day!
KAIROS 2020BAll 12 young people responded to the invitation to find out more about Jesus and two who became Christians at Spring Weekend last year asked if they could go to a church! The testimonies from the Sense members and local YFC staff were so so powerful - most of them being testimonies of freedom found in Jesus after suffering many of the issues young people have to deal with today. Holy Spirit was blatantly at work in the hearts of the young people and it was a privilege to pray for them as the experienced burdens lifting and ‘labels’ being stripped away in the power and freedom of His love and grace. Some of those youngsters who have never been away are now open to investigating more so please pray that they come to Theos to find out who Jesus is!

  • I absolutely loved Kairos so much. It was amazing finding out that worshipping God isn't old-fashioned and we can express it through music and fun


  • I loved everything but the food. I also loved the opportunity was given to us by God. I also liked getting to know new people. I liked that everyone was respectful of others and that no one was left out


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