An act of witness and thanks, not defiance 

ROCKIN REV 04-2019D10th April 2020

In walking with the Cross, I am not acting in defiance of the government: it is a solo event and I have spoken to the police on 8th April about it.  They said that they did not see why it should be a problem as it could be part of my allowed daily exercise.  It is more than that of course

I am, of course, very thankful to the brilliant NHS and care staff who are putting themselves in harm’s way to treat covid-19 patients.  However, I believe it is vital that we actively acknowledge the reason for the season we are in.  As at Christmas, many people easily overlook the main event – the birth of the Son of God.  The same for the so called ‘Easter’ celebration.  The most essential event in the history of the world – the willing sacrifice of the Son of God in atonement for our sin.  The very act that brings salvation and healing to all who believe

It is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus that is the basis for the healing services.  Sickness and death are a consequence of sin coming into the world.  Forgiveness, New Life, resurrection, and healing are the gracious consequence of Jesus sacrifice at Calvary which we commemorate today

It is for this reason – to remind any who happen to see – that I felt led to do this traditional prophetic act as a reminder to any who happen to see – and to the principalities and powers – God is in control.  Yes, we need to stay at home – Yes, we need to maintain ‘social distance’, and Yes, we need to pray and give thanks to our God and Saviour

I hope there will be no negative reaction; but thank God for Jesus, thank God for healing many including our Prime Minister, and God bless and preserve the front line workers and each one of us
Peter Gray-Read


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