What Hurts You the Most?  

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Everybody hurts but not everybody has hope. WHO CARES? is a nationwide initiative where churches are working together to listen to the needs of local people and offer compassion and hope

Following the vision evening last month, there are some planned training dates to equip churches to participate in this mission

We are really excited to be part of this national initiative and our East Coast Training Day equips you with the right tools to deliver this with us across the East Coast. The training has been condensed to a morning on either Friday 10th or Saturday 11th July via Zoom and the details are below:

Please indicate in your booking which of the following seminars you would like to attend:



Seminar 1: Preaching on the main ‘hurts’

Rob Tervet shall share on how to create and to deliver a short preaching series linked to the main hurts identified in your community. Different creative ideas on how to advertise and deliver this series of talks will be explored


Seminar 2: Analysing and Inputting Survey data

Lorna Bradley will be explaining how to use the online data input tool, how to categorise the ‘hurts’ and
analyse the results


Seminar 3: Who Cares? In schools

Nick Blanch who works for Youth for Christ, will be sharing about how he has used Who Cares? In schools and youth groups. Nick developed a program linked directly to the Who Cares? question, and he will be sharing more about how your church can use this


Seminar 4: Top tips on running Who Cares? for the local church

Paige Marrett will be sharing how she has been working with Christ Community Church Attleborough, using Who Cares? as an ongoing rhythm for mission in the local church. She will be giving her top tips for how your church can use Who Cares? regularly, through the groups and activities, your church currently run

Zoom Login Details:
Meeting ID: 885 1782 1331
Password: 510472

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More information about Who Cares? can be found at the website: and updates concerning Who Cares? East Coast can be found at