Lockdown has given us lots of time to think! 

1st June 2020
Sometimes that can be a really helpful thing, but sometimes it can leave us asking some big questions. Who am I?...  Where did I come from?...  Where am I going?...  Does my life have meaning?...  Perhaps you’ve been pondering questions like that in this lockdown period?
Well, if you have, then can I encourage you that you are not alone! As we have been brought face to face with our own frailties by the dangers of the covid-19 virus, many people have been pondering the big questions of life.   A recent survey reported that one in 20 people have turned to prayer during lockdown and one in four have watched or listened to a religious service
But it seems to me that, having asked ourselves these big questions, the danger is that, as lockdown eases and some kind of normality returns, we will simply push those questions to the back of our minds and carry on as before. With that in mind, at St Mary Magdalene Church, we are launching a new online group for those who would like to explore the big questions a little together
MATTHEW PRICEBased around a course called Start!, the group will meet initially for six weeks on Thursday evenings, beginning on 11th June, and in a very informal way we will explore together.  There will be film clips to watch and space for discussion with every viewpoint listened to and respected.  No question or thought will be banned and no prior knowledge will be needed or assumed.  The course will take place on the online platform Zoom and will be led by the Vicar of St Mary Magdalene Church, Rev Matthew Price
If you would like to join the group, then do drop Matthew an email at or give him a call on 01493 494248.  All the details of the course can be found in this flier and you can watch a taster of the course here:
Perhaps it could be one of the legacies of lockdown for us that we give some time to the big questions of life which we so often either overlook or push to the back of our minds
START! 06-2020

as published by St Andrew's Church in the Gorleston Community Magazine