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Praying provision for those bound in poverty  

10th July 2020 

Jill Gower invites us to focus our prayers on those who are struggling financially because of Covid-19, and to have an entrepreneur anointing




 Lord, we cry out to you on behalf of those who are finding this situation so difficult right now, and have lost their jobs, their income and struggling to support their families. We ask that no one should go hungry, or without shelter, or provision during this time
We declare breakthrough for those bound in poverty in our communities. We bless them with the abundant provision of God, with enough for themselves and some to give away
We bless them with the will to get out of debt. We bless them with sound financial advice. We bless them to know the abundant life Jesus came to give
We bless those who are rebuilding their businesses, those who are attempting new ventures in this day to be prosperous, and to succeed
Thank you, dearest Father

Light of the world

Jesus, thank You that You are the Light of the world, and You call us to be the light. Let Your people arise and shine and be the source of hope and encouragement to others
Thank You that You call us to be the head and not the tail, and that we can be Your representatives and ambassadors here on earth, heralding in the new wine of Your Kingdom. May Your people be willing to let go of the old ways of doing things and embrace the new
We call forth an entrepreneur anointing to break through the darkness with Your glorious Kingdom that no knows no end. We thank You that the light penetrates the unbelief and confusion that hovers over the land right now
May we have the ability to see and to hear what the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord would say to us His Church in these days
Father God, pour out Your love that casts out all fear. Thank You that You have the solution to all things, and even when we cannot see that You have all things in the palm of Your mighty hand

We declare that Your word says, “You will never leave us nor forsake us”
We pray that You will raise up those who hear from You to speak to our leaders; to those who are in places of power and influence, the Government and advisors of this country, to have a voice into their lives. We call forth a prophetic voice speaking Your direction and Your will for us here in the United Kingdom
Father God, may we see this time as a time of preparation and to get ready for something far greater than we have experienced before. It may feel we are in the desert, and in the midst of uncertainty just like the Israelites felt before they crossed into the Promised Land
Jesus, You say don’t build Your house on the sand, for when the storms come it will not stand, but rather build on the Rock. We thank You, Jesus, that You are that Rock
We declare that the safest place to be is in the purposes of God, and when Your Presence has moved on, like the Israelites we too must move on. Help us to follow the cloud and fire, to depend on the leading of the Holy Spirit, for we have not been this way before
Teach us Your ways, O Lord, and let us have hearts that are open to you, even when we are unsure of what that might mean
In the Mighty and Powerful Name of Jesus

this article also appeared on Network Norfolk
Also, if you know someone struggling with debt, they can contact Christians Against Poverty on 0800 328 0006