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Harvest Festival

HARVEST FESTIVAL 2020Rev Helen Lynch
Assistant Priest, Parish of Great Yarmouth

My front garden is a garden of two halves, split down the middle by the front path. One is a garden-y garden, with a mown lawn, flowerbeds, and shrubs. The other side is a nature garden, wild and messy looking. Neither of them is perfectly as I’d like them to be. Both of them would benefit from a little more care and attention from the gardener (that’s me!)
I know many of you spent more time than usual outside during lockdown, either tending gardens, or going for long walks and cycle rides to get out of the house and get some fresh air in your lungs. And I expect you have by now reaped the rewards of your labour, whether in the form of flowers, vegetables, or feeling a bit fitter
As we celebrate the harvest this Sunday, we take time to celebrate the bounty of creation, which grows better and healthier with a bit of TLC. And, as we are part of creation, we too blossom and grow when loved, nurtured, and celebrated. So as we give thanks for those who grow our food, for the plants and animals around us, and for our precious plant, we are also thankful for our bodies, our minds and our souls, and the great, good gardener (that’s God!), who never runs out of tender loving care for us

Mother Helen


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