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28th September 2020
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It is of the nature of a prophetic word that it may offend... but please hear me out
Is it not the case that the Church has largely been in LOCKDOWN for centuries.  How so?  The usual style in most services has been that the leaders are in control – they hold the reigns and decide how things unfold – who speaks, what is allowed 
Yes, there has been a little more flexibility in some quarters and yes leadership is important. But it must be an enabling leadership demonstrating sensitivity and obedience to the Holy Spirit.  There must be openness to the prophetic -weighed of course by mature elders in real time, but NOT quenched.  Even today I heard a video in a service with what could be called a heretical word – but it was unchallenged
Body ministry is essential – it’s not about making a name for yourself as a speaker... ‘Pastor-olatory’ has been rampant.  It will need a new mind set a new style of ministry to equip the body to go out and demonstrate the kingdom of God:  heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons.  As a body many of us have become lazy, we have been happy to let a few do the ‘ministry’ – we pay them as trained professionals.  That’s not how is should be.  It can’t go back to the old way - we have to become new wineskins.  We are all ministers in the different ways the Holy Spirit equips
The Church must exalt the name of Jesus and preach the everlasting Gospel to the glory of God.  Services are to worship the Lord and encourage one another, but we all know that our service really starts when we leave the Church building.  Buildings have perhaps been a hindrance as well – house churches may be the way forward – small accountable groups
Reinhard Bonnke’s successor,  Daniel Kolenda says that one of the devils best tactics has been to get 1% of the body standing at the front and 99% sitting passively in the pews (chairs etc).  In this lockdown is the Holy Spirit  saying “Let me in... I stand at the door, but you want to do things your way!”

At the moment even our worship has a gagging order – what are we to learn from that...  He (or she) that has an ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the Churches...
Let’s listen, pray, and fulfil the great commission

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