Action Zones 

Better days are on their way 

27th October 2020

Pat Stringer
Licensed Lay Minister, Great Yarmouth Parish

In recent days it seems that the Covid-19 virus is spreading once again and many areas of the UK have been placed under Government measures, with Wales being put into ‘lockdown’ 
The Government is taking urgent measures to stem the spread of infection, and our response to this must be to pray.  The crisis is urgent and we may feel powerless, but perhaps feeling small is the best reminder to pray.  Prayer is how we actively practice believing, so simply, so confidently, that God has the whole world in his hand.  It’s where we shape our worries into prayers, letting God know our concerns.  Prayer is never the last resort of God’s people.  It is our first point of action

Let us all stay positive, better days are on their way


“Let Go and Let God”


Let go of your problems and
let God handle them

Let go of your hurt and
let God heal you

Let go of your fear and
let God sustain you

Let go of all your worries and
let God bless you

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