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Positivity from Pat Stringer 

26th January 2021

Pat Stringer, Reader ,Great Yarmouth Team Ministry, has some thoughts about positivity for the immediate future

MAKE THIS YEAR 02-2021I have been thinking as we live in another ‘lockdown’, which many of us will find hard to cope with and feel lonely or a little fearful of what the future may hold.  Good news is that the pace of administering the vaccines is racing along to give us all hope
As above, may we live a life of Joy, Peace and Purpose this year looking forward to a time when we can return to the ‘normality’ of our everyday activities.  The purpose of life is to find meaning and peace in whatever we do, this may not always be easy, but once this is achieved life is lived with so much more gusto and fulfilment.  If you feel you need a little more purpose in your life, perhaps by reading through some of the tips below will guide you towards a more meaningful, fulfilling way of life 

  1. Set a target—how would you like your life to look? What comes to mind when you think about your life?  Set a target for how you want to live your life 

  2. Search for what makes you happy— try to find joy in even the smallest activities.  May be look back to hobbies you truly loved as a child.  Find new ways to be creative and set aside some quality time for yourself to enjoy these activities 

  3. Surround yourself with loving people—make contact with those people in your life that support you and encourage you to be your best; friends who you can exchange ideas with and inspire one another 

  4. Make time for stillness and reflection—Rest awhile and look inwards at yourself, meditate for a short time and fill yourself with God’s love.  These are precious moments, cherish them and know that this loving habit of stillness will help you find peace in your life 

  5. Know that you are important to and loved by others— sit and resonate with these thoughts, you are not alone, God is with you always.  You matter and all that you have to give can make this world the best it can be 

Let us pray:  Lord, when I feel your presence, I am filled with peace, hope, and purpose.  I am praying that every member of my family and my friends would experience your powerful presence today.  Amen
With every Blessing    Pat  


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