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Rev Rosie puts her trust in Jesus

2nd January 2021

Rev Rosie Bunn
Rector of All Saints Church, Belton
St Peter & St Paul Church, Burgh Castle

REV ROSIE A 02-2021In the middle of January I could just begin to see a few white spots or stripes in the grass, when I looked out from the kitchen window; the snowdrops were just beginning to make their presence known. Now the patches of white have become larger, deeper and more widely spread. This year we are able to see even more of the snowdrops and, quite soon, the daffodils, than were visible in previous years because we have cleared areas of bramble, stinging nettle and ivy during the first lockdown and laid it to grass. Time, well spent which will bring enjoyment shortly
For me, this time of the year is full of hope and expectation as I watch my garden begin to come back to life. This year there will be no early burst of yellow flowers on the forsythia due to late pruning, but the camellias are in tight bud, promising a wonderful show of red and pink flowers. The birds are beginning to flit around from feeders, to bushes/trees and the bird boxes, and we have ducks swimming together on the pond; anticipation of new life later in spring
With the past year and the difficulties, pain and frustrations we have all experienced, to have a light at the end of the tunnel is a relief; with the roll out of the vaccine for COVID-19, it feels as if there is more hope around. The media were reporting a huge increase in coach holidays being booked by those in the categories entitled to early administration of the vaccine; anticipation of a degree of freedom of getting out an about
REV ROSIE B 02-2021I’m looking forward to warmer spring days, but at the weekend the weather forecast was warning of significant snow! I am so grateful for all the work of the scientists in getting us to a place where there are vaccines available, but I am well aware that there is a long way to go before the coronavirus is eradicated, if ever. But with these more positive outlooks, I still have to hold in the balance, in my thoughts and prayers, the pressures on staff working within the NHS, caring for the sick and dying, and the family and friends of those who have sadly died, and the long term effects all of this is having on us
Personally, like many of you, I have been struggling and have had to make choices that look after my own wellbeing. The beauty of creation at this time of year has helped me enormously; for me it points me to the Creator God. Watching David Attenborough’s Perfect Planet has also been inspiring, as well as challenging
In the coming weeks, as church together, All Saints Belton will be starting a study series on Wellbeing with the intention of being equipped to support and encourage one another, and others. If you are interested, please get in touch with Rev Viv Ridpath either by email - or by telephone 07523717810 or have a look at the church’s Facebook page
Jesus, teaching his disciples, said that he had come to bring life, and life in all its fullness. We can often feel that we are missing out, and struggling through life. Being realistic, life is not always easy – and certainly has not been for the past 12 months – but, for me, knowing there is more, and always more, to life than what I can see on the surface, as I put my trust in Jesus, I have hope with which to look to the future


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