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The Rockin' Rev March 2021

ROCKIN REVAs Mother’s Day approaches (14th March), let’s hear it for all the mothers who have been on the frontline of helping our country survive the coronavirus pandemic! Just as we’ve clapped on our doorsteps for the NHS and other heroes, let’s applaud all that mothers have done, often balancing home life, and employment, during these long lockdown months.
A survey, reported by the Guardian newspaper, found that women across several age groups took the major share of childcare and home schooling. Those with primary school-aged children “were considerably more likely” to have given up working than fathers with children of the same age.
The pressure on families has further increased as many grandparents and other carers not being able to help. Family and friendship networks have been put under strain with contacts restricted to online Zoom or Facetime calls that are often difficult with younger children.
Launching a Children’s Society report into children’s welfare during the lockdown, chief executive Mark Russell said: “We are living in unprecedented times. Months of national lockdown, only small numbers of children in school, and many families experiencing real crisis. Coronavirus has impacted every area of our lives and The Children’s Society has been deeply concerned about the impact of this crisis on children, especially the most disadvantaged”
HAPPY MOTHERS DAYHe added: “Our survey found a higher proportion of young people experiencing low wellbeing than we are used to seeing. Whilst we know that most children’s wellbeing will ‘bounce back’, there will be some who do not”
Mothers are at the frontline of helping our children cope with, and then recover from, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and the extended lockdowns. Many working mothers lost their jobs because of the pandemic, and families will be hard-pressed to make up for the income lost. Food bank provider, the Trussell Trust has warned churches to prepare for a ‘tidal wave’ of poverty and to be ready to help their local communities.
This Mother’s Day, daffodils and chocolate may seem very thin reward for the major contribution of mums across our nation. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, let’s recognise the amazing efforts made by mothers in the home with their children.
Let’s also celebrate the vital ‘mothering’ roles undertaken by many in the NHS, in education, in government and civil service, in the distribution of vital goods, and in the life of churches across our land

Rev Brian Hall

Vicar, St Andrew’s Church


published by St Andrew's Church in the Gorleston Community Magazine


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