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East Norfolk Youth for Christ spring update 2021 

ENYFC LOGOIf it seems a long time since our last update, please accept our apologies. We have had problems with  ‘mail-chimp’ who for our last two updates have confirmed delivery, but we are not sure where to!

Last year was not only affected by Covid-19 , but a period of great change at East Norfolk Youth for Christ. With the standing down of Alison and the closure of the office
Included with this update is an update from Amilcar, so will not duplicate information
We are however thankful for the Lord’s plans beginning to be able to be implemented. With plans for youth events at, at least, three churches in the town, with the aim being that the churches are enabled to contribute in workers
Lastly please pray for our volunteers, that they will feel confident to return after such a long break, they are such a blessing to our young people. Also for new people to come forward as volunteers and for new trustees as we are still running on the legal minimum of 3. When praying don’t be surprised if the Lord sends you!
This only leaves us to send our thanks and pray that in these changing times you will be blessed with the love of our Saviour, in your hearts and homes
Matt, Jemma, and Nigel (trustees)

Update from Amilcar

AMILCAR enyfcGod is still working. He never stopped. He is still opening doors and creating opportunities to make Himself known among the young people
We are so eager to see Him move in our communities, bringing and becoming hope to our young people
Get in touch with us to find out more about what we have been up to and what we are preparing for the coming months

If you are wondering, "What can I do to serve or support the young people?" get in touch with us

I know the post is a little bit long already (just a little) but I really need to include this EXCITING NEWS on this post
We now have reserved every fourth Monday of the month, 7-8pm, to pray for the work and the youth of our town... Of course you can join us. In fact, we would love it for you to join us in committing everything to the Lord and in believing Him for MORE. Can you spare that hour? Get in touch with us for more details"