Action Zones 

Today I choose joy 

 26th April 2021

TODAY CHOOSE JOYWe are looking forward with anticipation, happiness, and joy as the month progresses for further easing of restrictions to our worship pattern, praying that soon we may be able to sing praises to our Lord as we worship.  In the meantime here are a few hints to help you along:

1. Keep good feelings with you all the time.  Witness a random act of kindness, or even just feel especially happy on a given day, Focus on retaining positive feelings

2.  Just live.  Remind yourself that you need to live in the present moment.  Stop thinking about negative things, just live in the moment appreciate what is around you

3. Think of everything you are grateful for.  Think of what is good in your life, friends, family, good neighbours, a comfortable home, the beauty of God’s creation, there is so much to be grateful for

4. Forgive everything.  It’s a lot easier to look forward to everything when you don’t let baggage from the past weigh you down

If you take anything away from this today, let it be this:
You are you
          And that’s all you need to make today awesome
                    Look forward to it

Wishing you Love, Joy, and Happiness
Pat Stringer
Reader, Great Yarmouth Team Ministry