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Be like a leaf…

21st May 2021

BE LIKE A LEAF 1Leaves are cathedrals of light… they face the sun take in water and breath and make sugar – become sweet. 
It’s their purpose – they don’t strive to make sugar / glucose it’s in their nature, it’s what they are made for.   The crucial equation we learn in science class:


carbon dioxide     +      water     =    glucose   +   oxygen

BE LIKE A LEAF 2is the engine that keeps the biosphere in business.  It translates the energy – the light from the sun into the food we all need.  At least the glucose, which is then built into all manner of wonderful creations like natures lego: starch for energy storage, cellulose for construction of cell walls etc

Of course for the Christian there are amazing parallels:
 carbon dioxide (breath)  +  water  (the word) = LIFE  / food and air to breathe


                                 THE  SPIRIT   +  THE WORD  =   LIFE   +  HEALTH

The ‘Spirit’ or breath of God is like the CO2   in our breath and also like the oxygen plants breathe out – both are essential
Leaves just face the sun and all this happens – the wonderful transformation of PHOTOSYNTHESIS - light building.  We must walk in the light and allow the Holy Spirit to build us into the body as he sees fit
 Of course within the leaf amazing chemistry is happening there is bond breaking and making going on, energy absorbed by wonderful chlorophyll molecules is changing hands and being passed along.  It’s the hidden process the mystery whereby the word of God received by faith strengthens the body of the believer.  So, be rooted – take in the water and let it rise up the stem, breathe freely and take in the air and life with the energy that God provides and be the sweetness that others can enjoy.  Have a great day
Peter Gray-Read

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