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Happy Pentecost! 

23rd May 2021

It may have been the southerly breeze this afternoon but I think I could hear the thud of piles being driven in for the new bridge crossing. It’s another exciting development for our town and one which will be welcomed by many frustrated drivers
Bridges change things because they open up new paths and make new journeys possible. When we lived in the centre of Norwich we saw a new pedestrian bridge put in near where we lived and it really changed the whole area and for the better
PENTECOST 2021Pentecost makes new openings possible. It is the birth of the church and today we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit which transformed the disciples and we pray that the same Spirit can ignite us. For the disciples this meant new journeys were possible for them. Years before they could not have imagined that they, relatively simple folk from Galilee, would have had the nerve and the courage to travel to the ends of the earth
Even just days before Pentecost, such a change would have appeared most unlikely. Before Pentecost, the disciples were at the end of a road. Jesus had died, risen and ascended and now they were left in a curious waiting time
However, what seems like a dead end is suddenly opened up like a new bridge stretching before them. It was a bridge which would carry them out of where they were and take them to places they never imagined
There may be times when we feel stuck or at a dead end: times when we need a bridge to carry us out. Those are the times we need to comfort and transformation of the Holy Spirit because even the dead end or the uncrossable river is no obstacle to God. Happy Pentecost!
Fr Simon

Rev Canon Simon Ward
Team Rector, Great Yarmouth Team Ministry and Rural Dean