Yarmouth area churches are phoning a friend

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Yarmouth area churches are phoning a friend

Five churches in the Yarmouth area are taking part in a phone befriending scheme, but more are being urged to join, as demand for the service grows

Two’s Company is a phone befriending service which has been set up in partnership with national charity, Linking Lives UK. It aims to provide companionship to those most susceptible to isolation due to age, location, health or others factors
It was set up to enable churches across the UK to respond in a relevant way to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people are more isolated now than ever and this approach provides a way for local people to stay in touch by telephone on a regular basis. It is available to anyone who is feeling isolated or lonely
Locally, Two's Company Great Yarmouth, Gorleston, Belton and Bradwell now has five churches involved who are regularly contacting twenty individuals between them to have a friendly chat. Picking up the phone and chatting to someone in need of company is something that anyone can do, and in some cases this could prove to literally be a lifeline
However, there are currently more referrals than volunteers, so it would be great to have more churches involved. If anyone is interested in getting it started in their church, Anna Heydon from Imagine Norfolk Together is willing to chat with them
Email Anna at
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The image is courtesy of Ri Butov from Pixabay


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Tony Rothe, 01/06/2021

Reproduced from the Network Norfolk website. Used with permission.