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10th June 2021
shared by John Moore

Words, words, words – we speak them all the time. Do we always think before we speak and do we consider how our words affect others? Here’s what Bible wisdom has to say about good, kind and well thought out words:

Proverbs 12: The words from good people can save others. Be wise, and your words can heal

Proverbs 15: Kind words are like a life-giving tree

Proverbs 16: Kind words are like honey; they are easy to accept and good for your health

Proverbs 17: Intelligent people choose their words carefully

Proverbs 18: The tongue can speak words that bring life

In a nutshell, your words can help others, heal and bring them life. And words chosen carefully show that you are intelligent! Be intelligent and let your words bring life
also published in the Gorleston Community Magazine

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