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Give thanks to the Lord for the glory of trees 

GLORY OF TREES26th July 2021

At the beginning of this week we all came to the end of lockdown restrictions with many people celebrating what they call ‘freedom’, but we must be cautious as the virus is still in circulation.  We aim in the parish to move forward carefully and steadily, with the greatest joy being able soon to sing hymns once more
Now we can get out and about, plan days away, and even holidays, I have been thinking about our beautiful countryside here in Norfolk and throughout the UK, many areas worth a visit.  As we think about climate change, trees are playing a very prominent part in our ecosystem.  Earlier this year in the spring time we had a wonderful show of blossom on the trees and shrubs, perhaps due to some inclement wet weather.  These trees having lost their spring glory are now bearing fruit
Trees bring better health, make more attractive landscapes, and provide less pollution.  They absorb carbon dioxide (a principal contributor to global warming) from the atmosphere and store it, while releasing oxygen back out.  If we are going to help with global warming, we need to plant more trees.  So let us save up some money to plant a tree!  Trees can be given as gifts for birthdays, weddings, celebrations

Give thanks to the Lord for the glory of trees

May tree and hill, rock and river
reflect your glory, Lord.
May all your creation rest in harmony
At the end of the day
 to know your peace

Pat Stringer
Reader, Great Yarmouth Parish


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