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The whole creation groaneth… Global WARNING 

10th August 2021


 Peter Gray-Read shares his thoughts on the current problem of global warming.  Picture supplied by Peter Gray-Read

For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.  Romans 8:22

It is groaning… It is undeniable and it has been groaning ever since sin came into the world.  But the intensity of the groaning has now started to boil over.  We are reaping the consequences - not primarily of raised greenhouse gas emissions – but of a great and ever increasing UNRIGHTEOUSNESS
One of the central attributes of the Judaeo-Christian God is ‘Righteousness’. I believe completely the Genesis account of creation – as Jesus confirmed to be true.  The consequences of sin and the fall on the human body and human nature are painfully obvious – do you think that the natural world ecosystems and the Earth itself can escape the consequences.  Not at all…  as the header text makes clear.  The Revelation of JESUS – given to the apostle John - the ‘last days’ road map that the world is following,  shows a progressive series of judgements… it almost looks like we are in the middle of the ‘First Trumpet’ judgements in Revelation 8.  But perhaps we are only yet in the foothills

We have the 7-sealed scroll starting with the famous ’Four horsemen of the apocalypse’, the Trumpet judgements and the final and devastating vial judgements – all with the intention of prompting mankind to repent before God, before it is finally too late.  THAT I maintain is the remedy for the planet and its inhabitants – REPENTANCE
We ALL need to repent on behalf of our own unrighteousness and that which we have allowed to permeate society – from corrupt imaginations of Hollywood, from immorality and sexual exploitation in all its forms, from basic greed and selfishness, from economic exploitation and loving pleasure rather than seeking God.  We have allowed many false God’s to demand our worship including – money, materialism, sport, economic growth, hedonistic lifestyles
Of course it is important to reduce the wanton waste of carbon based resources and the pollution that results from single use plastics etc.  We have to take responsibility for the fragile ecosystems that produce such beauty and variety of life and resources but it is only by returning to our creator and redeemer - Jesus Christ and the loving and forgiving God of the Bible that our planet can be saved and restored physically and spiritually
Who will lead the call?
(If anyone can get this message to wider media please do so…)
[Footnote:  The creation itself is upheld by the word of God… I love physics and yes, I know of the four forces that have so far been described:
the strong nuclear force
the weak nuclear force (responsible for nuclear decay)
Gravity (is it really a force?)

But the current understanding of the physical universe – despite some great predictions is still very far from complete.  The world of the subatomic particles is very strange (stranger than the book of Revelation?) but there is still a great deal of mass to be accounted for and questions of origin.  So, it is certainly not out of the question for the attributes of our creator who spoke it all into being to be integral to its preservation – one of the chief attributes being RIGHTEOUSNESS.  We have a clue from Jesus as He entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday (the Sabbath?) When the children were praising Him – ‘…if these should hold their peace the very rocks would cry out’.  Jesus was not given to overstating a point – I believe it.  I’m not about to let a rock out-praise me!

Other attributes of God – Justice, Judgement, Love, Mercy, Power, Beauty, Creativity… are equally expressed in what He has made and His provision]

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