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Rev Rosie writes about looking after our environment

Rev Rosie Bunn
Rector of All Saints Church, Belton
St Peter & St Paul Church, Burgh Castle


In the past few weeks the churches have been thinking about the challenges of environmental climate changes. As Christians we believe that our God is the creator of the earth. Whether we believe that God created the world in seven days or over a period of time, the complexity and beauty of our creation is to be marvelled at. For me it has to have a divine creator, and creation is one of the ways in which I can build my relationship with God. As I walk through the countryside my heart sings for the beauty I see. I wonder how many of you find the same thing

The children in Messy/Muddy church have also been thinking of ways that we can take better care of the world we have been given. Taking more care of what we throw away; using the bins that we put things in better, so that recycling is not compromised; reducing or stopping the use of single-use plastics such as cups, bottles, and cling film; not throwing chewing gum away but putting it in a bin (because of the length of time (forever) that it takes to decompose
We have seen the grass verges cut less this year, being told that it is to help the bees. Some people have been planting more bee-friendly plants, to encourage nature. We can all do our bit; if we take time to think
Later this year we will hear all about the COP21 Conference being held in Glasgow, and I hope that as a church we will be working towards being an Eco Church, where the things that we can do to improve the world conditions for our children and grandchildren, are taken seriously
The Bible teaches us that we have stewardship over the earth; that means we are expected to look after it, not abuse it, but I think in the past we have understood that everything was given for our benefit so we have just taken the resources of the world without any thought. When challenged about taking too many fish from the world’s oceans, nations
have done something about it and improved the situation. My hope and prayer is that our world’s nations, leaders and populations will take what we are being told seriously and not just continue on, selfishly, but respond with the good of all in their minds
The heavens proclaim the glory of God
and the firmament shows his handiwork
One day pours out its song to another
The sun goes forth from the ends of the heavens
and proclaims the glory of God

from Psalm 19

photo courtesy of Rev Rosie Bunn

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