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Look to the future with joy 

JOY1st November 2021


November can sometimes be seen as a solemn and poignant month sending us on our journey to Advent, beginning with services for All Saints and All Souls, swiftly followed by Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday.  On the 21st we celebrate Christ the King, looking forward to his glorious reign, and then moving onto the last Sunday of the month Advent Sunday which leads us into Advent and onto Christmas, journeying through a season of expectation, of hope and anticipation until the celebration of the birth of Jesus
In Proverbs 31:25, we are told to “Look to the future with joy”.  The joy of anticipation and hope are key to daily happiness, letting ourselves experience the joy of hope and anticipation of our dreams. Creating daily happiness is to allow ourselves to be excited and joyful about that which has not yet happened.  As Christians we are asked to be awake and alert to prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ, God’s own dream for God’s creation made visible and real to everyone who seeks

Thank You for the joy of friends and family,
for the sun and rain the seasons
and the many phases of the weather that bring such variety,
refreshment, warmth and healing
Thank You for the joy of singing praises to You,
and thank You, Father, for the Lord Jesus
in Whom is the fullness of joy


Pat Stringer
Licensed Lay Minister
Parish of Great Yarmouth