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Global warming? 

Colin King
Elder, Green Pastures Christian Fellowship
Bracecamp, Ormesby


People are getting emotional and acting scared (fearful), young people doubt if they have a future, and some are committing suicide
So how do you stand on this, are concerned, worried, fearful, about what is happening and  supposedly going to happen, they are saying if we do not do something now the planet will be destroyed. Yes, the climate is changing it always has, may be getting warmer , in my life time there has been periods which have been  cold and then also warmer which it seems we are in now. It goes round in a cycle, over a long period a graph shows that there have been times when the temperature was much hotter and also much colder, also the CO2 in the atmosphere was much higher, and that was without humans making that effect
What our government, and seemingly nearly all the world leaders, are saying that CO2 and our human action are going to destroy the world
But what do Gods word say about this:

We Christians know that is a lie, man is not going to destroy this planet, no no. It is fake news; I know this is wrong because Gods word tells me so
God is going to destroy this world and universe 2 Peter 3:7&11,  Revelation 21:1, Matthew 24:35, Isaiah 51:6, Mark 13:31, Hebrews1:11-12
There is going to be 1000 yrs of Christ’s reign, Revelation 20:4-6, Revelation 5:9/10, Isaiah 11:6/9, Isaiah 2:2/4 
We also know that there will be 7 yrs of Tribulation on this earth
And that before that the Christians will be raptured. So there is a big time period before God is going to destroy this planet and universe, after he has destroyed the plant and universe he is going to create a new heaven and earth!!

These things that are being said are opposite to the word of God, so who is telling lies? What information are you willing to accept?
Read John 8:44 as you read. This you need to understand, that Satan wants to destroy mankind, he is the master of lies and deception, these leaders of governments and so called scientists are deluded and believing a lie, there is also political, financial influence in play

They are looking to stop what they call pollutants (fossil fuel)the main cause according to them is CO2 a bad gas, is this the case?, I say, no
We human and animals, breathe in oxygen and exhale Co2; plants reverse that they take in CO2 and exhale oxygen. It is a known phenomenon that the earth is getting greener, (more in areas where there is higher production of Co2 eg India and China) plant’s thrive on high CO2, Those who produce Tomatoes and other plants in greenhouses enrich the air by increasing the CO2 levels by 3 times from 400 parts per million to about 1200, by doing that, it increase production
As a farmer I know that yields have increased in my life time. 80 years ago yield of wheat would be 1 ton to 1,1/2 ton per acre, now about 4 ton world record broken this year over 6 tons per acre, as the Co2 has increased so has the yield. They are now making out that agriculture is one of the major polluter. This Government are now willing to pay farmer to put farm land down to wild flower meadows, when the world is now short of wheat,( the price is going up to record levels) there are problems in main wheat growing areas to get the new crop sown, with the price of nitrogen fertiliser going through the roof, ( last year paid under £200 now the price is £700/800 ) at this price it becomes uneconomic to use it at the levels to produce the top yield, I believe the same is happening in US and other parts of the world

With the world governments reducing CO2, which in turn will have a effect of reducing yield this adds up to a serious reduction our main food source, (world famine) I contend that agriculture is the solution not the problem! The main problem is the Sun and clouds, the main constituent of our atmosphere is water vapour. Co2 is only about 20% of our atmosphere and as I have indicated it is a very important gas, not the villain
They are now wanting to reduce cattle, which they say are making Methane gas, which is another pollutant, the information I have is that it is less than 2% in our atmosphere and cattle are not the only cause! Methane has a 10 year life cycle. So what else can they single out?
So what next, we humans breathe out CO2, with a population of 8 billion each person exhales about 400kg per year that amounts to 3 billion tonnes of CO2 per year, so will they then want to thin out the human population, they did it during the 2nd WW, (Holocaust) as the Bible says “there is no evil before their eyes” Psalm 101:3
So what is happening? I believe as the scriptures in John 8:44 point out, evil is influencing the decisions that our leaders are making. What is your source of truth 1Timothy 4:1-4?
God’s truth is absolute, no shadows of grey, Satan is instilling fear and worry into the lives of people
The climate always changes, but there are other influences at work, I believe are, read Luke 21:11. Jesus is speaking to his disciples about the sign that precedes the end time, not the end of the earth, we can see Jesus makes the point the the environment is goingto be changing, as well as worldwide pandemics
The challenge to you is the truth verse lies and false information, what are you going to believe?
Much more can be said, but as a Christian the Bible tells us to look up for our salvation draws near, praise God 

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