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Are we locking ourselves away?

Have you noticed that even after Mary and John and Peter had seen the empty tomb on Easter morning…. After Jesus came into the upper room to show the disciples he was alive…. after they had seen his wounds…. And a week later when he came back to show Judas he really was alive.   Even after he declared "Peace be with you" …… they met in a locked room

I am not really surprised.  It’s hard to fully appreciate how deeply their confidence would have been rocked by the torture, trials and crucifixion events.  And they could be next

But are we still doing the same all these years later?  Still locking ourselves away and staying safe?   Let’s find ways not just to unlock the door but get ourselves out alive and loving and even showing others how the power of the resurrection is healing our wounds! 

Peace be with you
Rev Donna Dodson
Norfolk Broads Methodist Circuit/based at Magdalen Way

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