New Great Yarmouth shop to help families keep shopping bills down

April 12 2022
Anthony Carroll, Great Yarmouth Mercury, reports
Great Yarmouth Salvation Army captain Marie Burr at Sally's Store - Credit: Anthony Carroll

Families feeling the pinch due to the cost of living crisis can now use a community supermarket in Great Yarmouth to help make ends meet
Sally’s Store is run by the Salvation Army at the Peggotty Road Community Centre in partnership with Great Yarmouth Borough Council

Once people sign up to the store they can buy items at wholesale prices or lower in a points scheme
Captain Marie Burr, leader of the town's Salvation Army branch, said the new store has seen 20 families sign up so far and will provide residents in Great Yarmouth with access to affordable, quality food
She explained: “Sally’s Store is open to residents of Great Yarmouth”

Salvation Army captain Marie Burr outside the newly opened Sally's Store in Great Yarmouth - Credit: Anthony Carroll

"After joining, all items will be for sale at wholesale prices or below – everything will cost less than shop or supermarket prices”

As an example of the scheme a can of Heinz baked beans cost 70p

As well as access to affordable, quality food and household items, customers will also soon be able to get support and advice, such as on budgeting

It is also hoped Sally’s Store will host cooking and food hygiene courses

Captain Burr added: "Something like Sally’s Store is a step on from the food bank as people get back on their feet and it helps them gain more control over their lives”

“We hope to look at introducing things like food hygiene courses, cooking courses and to open up a café"

"The focus will be on healthy cooking and eating. We hope to move some of our food bank clients to the supermarket”

The mayor of Great Yarmouth, Adrian Thompson, will officially open the store on April 29 at 10am

He said: “I know how important it is for people to be able to get good quality, affordable food to feed their families"

“We have some impressive community foodbanks in the borough, and I am very grateful to everyone that supports them - but Sally’s Store does something a bit different

"It gives people more control over the food they can get for their family, putting them in charge of their own budgeting and planning”

It is the second community supermarket to open in the borough, following the launch of Shrublands Community Food Club in Gorleston last year

Both centres are supported by the Norfolk Community Foundation and the borough council
this article first appeared on the Great Yarmouth Mercury website and is used wiTh permission


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