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Amilcar to leave East Norfolk Youth for Christ

AMILCAR enyfc26th May 2022

It is with great sadness, that we are letting you know that Amilcar will be leaving East Norfolk Youth for Christ at the end of the academic year. Amilcar has been feeling a call into other ministry and we are excited about what this could mean for him. Equally we know we are losing a fantastic member of staff, someone who it will be difficult to replace
Please pray for Amilcar as he finishes over the next few months and for the trustees who now have to make some decisions about what comes next. Ideally we would like to recruit another worker, although being completely honest, that is not a given. Our finances took a hit over lockdown and we now only have £5000 per year as guaranteed income. Amilcar’s role is part funded by a trust that is specific to him and so while we can apply again, we would have to apply after we have recruited someone. As you can see that is a risk for us and for the potential employee
ENYFC LOGOWe remain committed to East Norfolk Youth for Christ so we will be stepping up our fundraising efforts to ensure that the organisation is sustainable in the long term. If we can share anything at your church, whether in person or via video to encourage further financial support, please let us know. Any fundraisers for our work will be greatly appreciated!
Although there are still plenty of unknowns at this time, I am still excited about what is happening in East Norfolk. There are a lot of really positive conversations happening and I can clearly see God is at work. Just last week we were able to share that 2 unchurched young people from our youth cafe were now attending an Alpha course. These little things are evidence that young people are interested in exploring Jesus and that our work is having an impact. Therefore, I will do everything I can to ensure that work continues
Nick Blanch



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