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Heavenly Father, a few years ago it was quite common to see people wearing a rubber band around their wrist with the letters 'WWJD", meaning, 'What Would Jesus Do'
Viewpoint from Carolyn Cliff 15/10/2021
Preparation. We all need to do preparation. Even Jesus encourages us to prepare. In Luke 14:28-30, Jesus spoke of figuring the cost of building a house. You would look foolish if you ran out of money halfway through More ...
Convention to celebrate centenary of the Lowestoft Revival
Lowestoft Living Word, an annual conference which takes place next week, will celebrate the centenary of the 1921 Lowestoft Revival. The conference takes place over three evenings, 19-21 October at 7.30pm at Christ Church on Whapload Road in Lowestoft More ...
Reopening of the Great Yarmouth Seafarers Centre 
The Great Yarmouth Seafarers Centre was officially reopened on Friday 24th September 2021, on South Quay, by Catherine Spencer, Chief Executive Officer of the Seafarers UK charity. The event was hosted by Reverend Peter Paine More ...
Viewpoint Aug2010
Viewpoint from Anna Heydon 08/10/2021
Many years ago I spent some time one summer visiting Romanian charity workers to learn about the work they were doing to bring hope and change to orphanages in the country. Under the rule of Ceausescu, an extreme pressure on families to have more children More ...
stalham st furseys dome crane
Golden dome tops Stalham’s new Orthodox church
The conversion of Stalham’s old police station into a new Orthodox church is nearing completion, and an iconic golden dome has recently been added to the roofline More ...
Tony Rothe
The Rockin' Rev October 2021
These days there seems to be a day for everything. For example, there’s “International Lego Day” (28th January), “World Water Day” (22nd March), National Pet Day-UK (11th April), and “International Chocolate Day (13th September), to name but a few More ...
Yarmouth mural to combat modern slavery
A large mural will be erected in Great Yarmouth later this month to raise awareness of the widespread presence of slavery in this country More ...
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S October 2021
In one of his letters, St Paul says that he would much rather die and go to be with the Lord, “for that is far better”, than to continue to live this life (Philippians chapter 1 verses 21­22) More ...
Viewpoint Aug2010
Viewpoint from Matt Ashpole 01/10/2021
I wonder when you last spoke to your neighbour. Perhaps you get on well, maybe you even pop over occasionally? It’s quite possible too that you don’t know their names or try to avoid them at all costs. We all have different neighbours More ...
From Rev Helen Lynch October 2021
No Christian is solitary. We are all part of the Body of Christ, and that is something which even death cannot beat More ...
Rev Rosie writes about looking after our environment
In the past few weeks the churches have been thinking about the challenges of environmental climate changes. As Christians we believe that our God is the creator of the earth More ...
50/50 Club September 2021 draw winner announced
Great Yarmouth Seafarers Centre's September draw was conducted by Cllr Carol Borg, and the lucky winner is ..... More ...
60 Years Since Reconsecration of the Minster
To mark 60 years since Reconsecration, a feature-length documentary charting the history of Great Yarmouth Minster has been produced; and is now available on DVD More ...
We Can Do Our Part to Care for the Earth
Pat Stringer, Licensed Lay Minister Great Yarmouth Parish, reminds us how we can do our part to avoid climate change More ...
The idea of transformation has always excited me. There is something magical and inspiring about it whether that be the transformation of a derelict garden, a clay pot dressed in a magnificent glaze, or a plastic toy in my son's hands transforming More ...
Viewpoint from Tony Mallion 24/09/2021
The Repair Shop has become a welcome and staple weekly diet on our TV screens. Promoted from the sleepy backwater of BBC Two daytime to the prime 8pm Wednesday slot on BBC One audience figures soared More ...
Interview with Hannah Ashpole
Anna Heydon reflects on her interview with Hannah Ashpole about the new Magpies parent/carer and toddler group More ...
Gorleston youth project re-starts prayer meetings
The Identity Youth Project in Gorleston has restarted regular in-person prayer gatherings, and all are welcome to join with them to pray for this vital work More ...
Viewpoint from Rev Elizabeth Stoner 17/09/2021
Yesterday with a mixture of excitement and oddity we met back inside the chapel, having enjoyed podcasts and meeting outside in various locations during the last 18 months. Whilst the building has been empty, we have used the time to have a bit of a clean More ...
Sally Ann's memory cafe
We are a new project that is launching to help those who are getting a little forgetful due to old age or those with dementia or other impairments this will be a place were they can get access to vital support More ...
Viewpoint from Revd Canon Nick Garrard 10/09/2021
Recently we held a candlelit vigil for Afghanistan in our local churchyard. Having watched harrowing scenes from Kabul airport on the news, eighteen people came together in near darkness to share our concern, to pray and hope More ...
Big Thank You afternoon tea at St Mary Magdalene
A church in Gorleston hosted a Big Thank You afternoon tea for over 60 volunteers on the afternoon of Saturday 4th September. Volunteers who had contributed to the support of the community during the COVID pandemic were invited to enjoy afternoon tea More ...
A Holy season: the season of feasts and sacrifices
Today is the first day of the feast of Trumpets in a season full of feast days including Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and the feast of Sukkot – or Tabernacles. To celebrate, perhaps we could reflect, as we are called to do, on the first of the feasts… More ...
First chance to read the Autumn Good News paper
The autumn edition of popular Christian newspaper Good News for Norwich and Norfolk, containing stories from across the local Christian community, has just been published online More ...
Viewpoint from Dr David Watson 03/09/2021
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Christian homeless charity is expanding in Norfolk  
The Minster's application for Heritage Recovery Grant
Norfolk residential centre offers great value group breaks
Viewpoint from Rev Jemma Sander-Heys 27/08/2021
Climate justice pilgrims walk across Norfolk
Rev Rosie writes about anticipation and hope
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Foodbank and hot meals throughout the Borough
Viewpoint from Rt Rev Dr Alan Winton 13/08/2021
The whole creation groaneth… Global WARNING
Viewpoint from Rev Steve Deall 06/08/2021
News from the Mag August 2021
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S August 2021
The Rockin' Rev August 2021
From The Revd Frank Cliff August 2021
Viewpoint from Rev Daniel Pritchard 30/07/2021
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