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15th November 2020

HELEN LYNCHRevd Helen Lynch, Assistant Priest in the Parish of Great Yarmouth, reflects on the parable of the talents

This morning we hear the parable of the talents, which often prompts discussions about the use of our 'talents'. I personally am much more interested in, and challenged by thinking about this parable in terms of the injustices in society. The way people are rewarded for playing by 'the rules', even when they might well serve to maintain the status quo. The servant who calls out these injustices, and dares to not fall into line is condemned. But surely we should be on his side? Are we not charged to free the captive, lift up the oppressed, feed the hungry?
It is an uncomfortable fact that sometimes, maybe even without realising it, we might be a part of the problem. We are part of a world which keeps others trapped by fear. We sustain oppressive structures through the way we spend our money. We do not challenge a society where those most in need are not helped. It might seem impossible to solve the world’s problems. However we can make a difference as individuals, and as a church. We can do this by living out our faith to help others know that they are loved, without limits or caveats, by God, and by us
Perhaps when we encounter this parable again we can use it as an opportunity to reflect on how we as a community welcome all God's children, regardless of what they look like, or how their body works, or who they’re in love with. We are a story telling people, we listen every week to the story of God’s love in the world. In order to keep telling the story of God’s people, we need to lift up the voices of all God’s people. We are stronger together. We need to change ourselves before we can change the world – together


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(Guest) 17/11/2020 07:10
we are called to fearlessly proclaim the gospel. Yet sometimes we do not speak out or intervene at injustice.